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  1. 61 years old - 18 yrs soberiety - 21 mentally - 75 physically -
  2. I have been a recepent from several ppl here who helped me so much I now have a computer that can function in spite of me. I have read so many wonderful, funny, and helpful posts but I have also read the ugly and even jumped into the mess but luckly I had excellent professors here to help me see the error of my ways. Because I wanted to stay on the pit I learned to hush and if I do have something to scream about, Volt told me to write to him and he would take care of it for me. So I calm down and many years later I found that I forgot what I was so angry about. "This too shall pass". I did take sometime off of PC Pitstop. When I return I found so many ppl I didn't know So "HI" to those of you I have not meet and "HI" to those I do know. I am a old lady. Sometimes (many times) I read a post and do not understand a word of what is being said. Everything changes so fast and I am so slow. I still love my Nascar and other auto races. I love cars. In addition to the computer and my dogs. Love ya, Wendy
  3. Thank you CB, however I am on a disability fixed income so buying is out.
  4. It used to work is all I can say. Perhaps when I was wiped out by a virus, perhaps something happened. That is the best I can say. Thank you so much for your expertise help and time. I am grateful beyond words.
  5. 1) ????? 2) yes no cd-rom 3) yes, for the printer, but I have corrected this.
  6. found it - uninstalled/windows reinstalled. Tried new CD I am still receiving notification the drive cannot be found
  7. right clicked device manager small window appears Scan for hardware changes - clicked nothing happens also Properties - clicked nothing happens uninstall does not appear. What is +sing for cd-rom????
  8. stormy13, when I right click on cd rom - no uninstall appeared
  9. Last night Duane spent quite some time working with a painfully slow lady. I did learn alot. Not for the lack trying but the 'd' drive does not work. Help
  10. Excellent news volt! You'll get the 'hang' of preparing food the healthy way
  11. Just read about Deb. Take care from one who knows. They gave me six months and its been four years. Life changes . also watch the stress level for both of you. If there is anything I can do to help either one of you (or both) please call me. My prayers go out to both of you. You are good ppl so hang onto what you have. Love, Wendy
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