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  1. Oh well what can I say.Intelguy said its good and you havent try it yet. Tell me what applications you do open like that at the same time? I find that this trick is only great becouse it wasnt easy to find as it isnt recorded anywhere.Dosnt it makes you think why? USELESS.
  2. That is just a ridicolous thing to do.Look I did what you said you did and got a group of 6 in the taskbar closed then I just opened the Infanview folder to do the same thing.From the folder it is much easier to read out than it is from the taskbar.I dont even think anybody want to read readmes like that whatsoever and the tip was for opening applications which is even more crazy.Nobody ever does such a thing.
  3. Who would and what to open at the same time?I find this absulutelly useless altho its a nice find.I just can not imagine someone just keep opening applications in a row like that.
  4. I just got to love this comment. Pros: Lets see here.... It reduced a satellite internet's ping. How many products can do that?... Cons: Nothing. There is no downfall to owning this card. Except I cannot blame anything on lag anymore.... More » Other Thoughts: Everyone hates me now, and it is wonderful. Lag spikes in Ironforge? Bah, who cares. Everyone else is standing still, and I have a latency of 25. And that's lagging for me. Everyone told me I didn't need this card with the satellite internet. And no, I probably did not, but hey, it made it faster. I went from 100-150 la
  5. Been there done that. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=118812 This is must be a good tip as this is the 3rd repost on it.Guess that dosnt matter....Oh...Well...
  6. Comment on my spelling is off topic dudes an dudets and for your relief I tell you that I dont have to spell right as english is a picked up language for me therefoe suggesting that I'm an undereducated person is just...hmmm...what should I say here to be frikken polite?.....ignorant and somewhat moronish?
  7. I still remember that the tougher times start for a kid when the kid goes first day to scool.The teacher probably took the cards from the kid becaouse the kid was playing with them on the class.I dont know.I dont know the opposit either.That only the kid could tell.Was he lieing?I dont know but if I would be the parent of this kid I sure would figure out.Still the teacher should be in charge in the scool.If the parent dosnt like that hes/her kid get to learn some deciplen in the scool then they should hire a personal tutor to spoil the kid to death at home while eating cookies. The resoul
  8. These kids will grown up whinning for any little thing they deem to be against their pure soul.Deciplen is what they have to learn and the teacher could have a good effect on them if you whiner parents actually let them do their job.It is really sickening whats going on in here in the USA.I see them animals in the subway on the bus.You cant even tell them anything about their behavior.If their parent unable or dont even care to teach them deciplen and respect what will they become?Atleast let the teacher trying do the job teaching your kid to become a worthy human. No wonder the education
  9. I dont know what to say.I think if you let your neighbor laugh at you you totally deserve to heve them birds :filtered: all over your place.I really am speachless.
  10. 2 more months and I will celebrate my first year on folding aniversary.
  11. Well thank you.You are still in grey ahead of me meaning I will never catch up on ya.At least no red behind me either.Unfortunatelly it does mean that not many folding right now.
  12. I just wanted to share my joy of reaching a long awaited moment.I'm finaly @ the 25th position.It is great becose I dont have to scoll down anymore to see how am I doing.
  13. Oh for cying out loud remove the HS clean the surfaces apply a new thermalpaste put it together.
  14. I would say yes.Make sure that you clean both surface.I use nealpolish to make it free of any grease.Keep in mind that if you touch the surface by fingers the paste will not stick so keep off the fingers.Once you pushed the HS into the fresh paste you should jently twist it around while you do apply a sligh pressure.If you lift it up doring installation by acident you should start all over.
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