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  1. Been there, downloaded it, doesn't work, posted such in this forum. Why does it work for you and not for me? That is the question!
  2. Ok fellas, let's not bicker. I appreciate the fact that you both took the time to reply. IntelGuy is correct in that I want to use the tool over time. I have run the speed test from PCPitstop and some other place (don't remember which one) and the speed test provided by my ISP (Time Warner). There is a huge disparity in the results. I am supposed to have 200Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. My results from the ISP test are about one fourth of what the others are showing. My slowest download with the PCPitstop test was 125Mbps and the max was well over 200Mbps. The test with Time Warner has been somewhere in the range of 30 - 60Mbps. During one run, my upload speed was actually faster than the download! Now, my Time Warner cable system has experienced a couple of outages over the last few days (mostly high winds) but that may be an indication of a bad connection somewhere. We'll see. One thing I am not sure of - Is it for certain that when I run the PCPitstop speed test that it actually tests to my computer and not to my ISP. If it only tested to the ISP, that could explain a lot! Just to provide a little more info, I am in southwest Indiana and my ISP speed test (the server) is in Ohio (Columbus, I believe). If either of you have any more thoughts on this matter I will be happy to read them. I am now going to read the information in the two links referenced in the previous reply and I am going to the forum IntelGuy mentioned in his first post. Thanks again!!
  3. Has anyone been successful in using the PCPitstop Broadband Quality tool? It hasn't done anything for me. I saw it on the Internet Speed Test page, clicked on the Learn More button, read about it and downloaded. Installed it, filled out the form, and started the test for a one week period with a test every hour. Four hours later, nothing! Changed the test period to one day with a test every hour and left it overnight - nothing! I believe I am having problems with inconsistent internet speeds and wanted to run this to find out what is happening. I saw another thread with this same name and the person was having the same problem and someone else said they thought it had been fixed. Apparently it hasn't, or I am doing something wrong ( the operation is so simple I don't see how I could be doing anything wrong!).
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