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  1. Hi, why is when you have asked a question, you sort it out. I had to go to Properties, Ports, Configure Port. The area where it said "Name or IP address of the printer" was the name of the Printer Model that the software automatically installed. I had to erase this and then enter the IP address of the printer. The printer would not work with the Name in that field. It only worked after I entered the IP Address. Nowhere could I find that in the documentation, came across it on another forum !!
  2. Hello, can anyone help me with a problem. I have been given a Kodak ESP 5250 wifi printer for Christmas. I have successfully connected it to my Netgear router, and it is working fine with wifi 3 lap tops attached also. The problem is my own PC, which is connected directly to the router. When I try to print it cannot connect with the printer. It suggests firewalls may be the problem. The router has its own firewall so could that block the path to the printer, if so what do I do ? Also could it be a network thing, my router is still called Netgear and my network as set up by the wizard uses mt family name. Any help is really appreciated.
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