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  1. I cannot run overdrive as it insists upon allowing me only to scan the main machine I have on my ten machine copy of pcmatic. All of the above files are present in said directory yet this XP SP3 machine I'm attempting to install a copy onto just sits there and does nothing just after the screen pops up saying it is running pcmatic. It seems to be failing to register my login credentials automatically where the other three machines I have it on connected just fine. Note: There is NO firewall operating on the machine in question and the antivirus (AVG) no longer allows the user to momentarily di
  2. Apparently I'm not understanding the insert image function as even with a smaller image than your stated max resolution it creates a link that does not show the picture. My question on the defragger was the before and after percentages were less than 1% changed even after all that time and the second pass said I needed to defragment the same drive again and reported the same numbers as before. (this was after I uninstalled and removed the directories for exterminate and pcmatic and reinstalled. Already did the rollback thing and that worked but still had to manually uninstall no less than
  3. Same happened here. Followed above and all seems well except following of note: I had allowed it to attempt tp do what it recommended was a fairly major defrag and after 3.5 hours it made less than a 1% change in the previous numbers. Obviously Windows 7's built in (and as far as I can find impossible to disable) built in auto defrag works fine and allowing that amount of time for pcmatic to do no more than it did was a waste of time. Now for the biggy! I made the mistake of allowing pcmatic to update an audio driver for me. After reboot I have no audio and my installed programs li
  4. To be clear. I did not choose "safe". Not in Optomize and not in PCMatic. Always >10M
  5. Optimize has always been set to broadband. It only mentioned needing to adjust these once and never again. Are you saying PCmatic should never mention it again? Almost double posted this as the forum has been giving flood control and server busy errors this morning. Kind of hanging up.
  6. I run optimize 3.0 nightly and get clean results. In preparation to upgrade to PCMatic I decided to download/install/run the free test. Imagine my surprise to find PCMatic recommending I change the following setting: MTU 1492 Yet Optimize 3.0 had only just deemed itself to have properly "optimized" my system? My concern is this, which is correct? The optimize 3.0 I've been running nightly and assuming to be doing its job correctly or the new pcmatic which just told me optimize isn't in fact doing so?
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