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  1. Update - found a UT clip on how to change the screen cable - popped the trim off, found a short where cable goes through hinge, moved it around a little and now have short and blank screen in only one place. Will order cable and change out. Again, tks for the help. - jb
  2. Tks for the reply - appreciate it. That was my suspicion - the pixel thing that happen a couple of months back didn't make sense but everything else seemed to point in that direction. Is this something I can check/replace? Are there any directions anywhere I could follow to do so? Again, tks - jb
  3. Upon starting my Acer Nitro VN7-571G-719D with NVIDIA GTX 950M I would get colored pixels while booting. I assumed this was a video card problem. Then the screen started to flash on and off. If I moved the screen a little this would stop and everything worked as advertised. This has progressed to the point to where the screen will now flash on and off and sometimes go blank - moving the screen sometimes works but at other times I have to re-boot. Also, sometimes moving the laptop slightly makes the screen flash. I now assume I have a short going to the screen. Is this something I can troubleshoot and fix? Tks for the help - jb
  4. Tks for the info - I have Revo so can run that before installing PCMatic. Tks - jb
  5. I went on line wanting to buy PCMatic. I want to ask the question, "Do I delete my BitDefender before I download and install PCMatic, do it after, what? I found no way to ask that question - there is no phone number to call - - I really don't like that - - and it kept asking me to sign in to send an email. I tried to sign in but it would not accept my password. So clicked on change password, did so but still would not let me sign in. So tried to register - wouldn't let me do that either. So I sent a "suggestion" - waiting on a reply. All in all, not the customer support one would like to see. Tks for listening - jb
  6. Ah, tks - appreciate it.
  7. Do have another question - is the price for just one computer? I presently have BD on 3.
  8. Tks Tx - I knew that PCMatic had a lot of good things overall for a computer but was not sure that it handled antivirus. BD has been rated at or near the top for a long time for antivirus and I have used it for years.
  9. I have used Bitdefender for years and it is coming up to be renewed. I know next to nothing of PC Pitstop - is it a replacement to antivirus or something else? Would you recommend it over Bitdefender or as an added program with it? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. - jb
  10. Tks for the help, guys - I appreciate it. Here is what I decided to go with. https://www.newegg.com/p/1TS-000X-00UY7
  11. Tx, appreciate the advice. Am thinking of how to get the most bang for the buck and having done some searches online I am leaning to possible a 2 in 1 - that seems to give the advantage of a tablet and a laptop. Looking at the Acer - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077TCVT7Q/?tag=pm3-2in1-20 My thinking is that this gives one the flexibility to expand beyond the limitations of a tablet in the future. In looking at Chrome based machines I do have some issues , however. If I read it right, win based programs must be ran through apps - if an app is available. This, of course, takes thousands of programs out of the picture. If the reasoning is to expand out of the tablet arena in the future, would it not be better to go Win instead of Chrome? It seems that one of the advantages of the 2 in 1 is that the screen can be detached from the keyboard but I am not sure that the Acer above can do this. Ah, so much info, so little brain. Again, tks for the help. - jim
  12. One of the things I have noticed in Chromebooks, notebooks and laptops now is that none have CD players anymore. I can only think of one time I have used one on my present laptop so I guess virtually everything can now be downloaded or use plugin flash drives.
  13. Been online looking at info on Chromebooks. The prices are all over the place - from a little over $100.00 to $999.00 which is way over the Acer laptop. In my post above I pointed out what he does at present - it seems that with a full laptop it opens up a lot more that could be done. So much info. Take care - jim
  14. Tks for the reply - at present he spends a lot of time either playing a video game or watching others play one. (That I don't understand but, hey, what do I know. He also video chats with some people. I have been using computers since we used a soldering iron to build them but still don't consider myself an expert by any means - was a lot closer to being one many years ago. And these new notepads, Chromebooks, etc are something I know nothing about. At present, he has a "tablet" of some kind - as I understand it, that is basically a cellphone with a larger screen. Is there something between a Chromebook type and a full laptop? I am up looking at the Chromebook now - it seems it will do most of what a laptop does but I assume without all the power of a good laptop. Again, tks for the info - jim
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