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    Acer laptop, 28 SSD and 1Tbyte HD. 64 bit, Win 10, intel i7-5500UGHz, NVIDA GTX 650M with 4GH VRAM, 5GBmDDR5L

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  1. Update - found a UT clip on how to change the screen cable - popped the trim off, found a short where cable goes through hinge, moved it around a little and now have short and blank screen in only one place. Will order cable and change out. Again, tks for the help. - jb
  2. Tks for the reply - appreciate it. That was my suspicion - the pixel thing that happen a couple of months back didn't make sense but everything else seemed to point in that direction. Is this something I can check/replace? Are there any directions anywhere I could follow to do so? Again, tks - jb
  3. Upon starting my Acer Nitro VN7-571G-719D with NVIDIA GTX 950M I would get colored pixels while booting. I assumed this was a video card problem. Then the screen started to flash on and off. If I moved the screen a little this would stop and everything worked as advertised. This has progressed to the point to where the screen will now flash on and off and sometimes go blank - moving the screen sometimes works but at other times I have to re-boot. Also, sometimes moving the laptop slightly makes the screen flash. I now assume I have a short going to the screen. Is t
  4. Tks for the info - I have Revo so can run that before installing PCMatic. Tks - jb
  5. I went on line wanting to buy PCMatic. I want to ask the question, "Do I delete my BitDefender before I download and install PCMatic, do it after, what? I found no way to ask that question - there is no phone number to call - - I really don't like that - - and it kept asking me to sign in to send an email. I tried to sign in but it would not accept my password. So clicked on change password, did so but still would not let me sign in. So tried to register - wouldn't let me do that either. So I sent a "suggestion" - waiting on a reply. All in all, not the customer s
  6. Ah, tks - appreciate it.
  7. Do have another question - is the price for just one computer? I presently have BD on 3.
  8. Tks Tx - I knew that PCMatic had a lot of good things overall for a computer but was not sure that it handled antivirus. BD has been rated at or near the top for a long time for antivirus and I have used it for years.
  9. I have used Bitdefender for years and it is coming up to be renewed. I know next to nothing of PC Pitstop - is it a replacement to antivirus or something else? Would you recommend it over Bitdefender or as an added program with it? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. - jb
  10. Tks for the help, guys - I appreciate it. Here is what I decided to go with. https://www.newegg.com/p/1TS-000X-00UY7
  11. Tx, appreciate the advice. Am thinking of how to get the most bang for the buck and having done some searches online I am leaning to possible a 2 in 1 - that seems to give the advantage of a tablet and a laptop. Looking at the Acer - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077TCVT7Q/?tag=pm3-2in1-20 My thinking is that this gives one the flexibility to expand beyond the limitations of a tablet in the future. In looking at Chrome based machines I do have some issues , however. If I read it right, win based programs must be ran through apps - if an app is available. This, of course, takes
  12. One of the things I have noticed in Chromebooks, notebooks and laptops now is that none have CD players anymore. I can only think of one time I have used one on my present laptop so I guess virtually everything can now be downloaded or use plugin flash drives.
  13. Been online looking at info on Chromebooks. The prices are all over the place - from a little over $100.00 to $999.00 which is way over the Acer laptop. In my post above I pointed out what he does at present - it seems that with a full laptop it opens up a lot more that could be done. So much info. Take care - jim
  14. Tks for the reply - at present he spends a lot of time either playing a video game or watching others play one. (That I don't understand but, hey, what do I know. He also video chats with some people. I have been using computers since we used a soldering iron to build them but still don't consider myself an expert by any means - was a lot closer to being one many years ago. And these new notepads, Chromebooks, etc are something I know nothing about. At present, he has a "tablet" of some kind - as I understand it, that is basically a cellphone with a larger screen.
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