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  1. Jwh1o1

    Xp Sidebar

    This method is a usefull toolbar but it is not like the XP Sidebar. The sidebar does more than launch applications, it had many built in and downloadable addons that can do anything from tell your system status to check mail and many other things.
  2. Jwh1o1

    Xp Sidebar

    Yes you are right it does work on 7. I did not mean to make it sound like it is only for XP it is for Vista and 7 also. It is just most people with 7 or Vista would not need a sidebar as windows sidebar is better in my opinion. It is nice for XP though because it does work well with it. Thank you for pointing that out.
  3. Jwh1o1

    Xp Sidebar

    If you are like me and can not afford to upgrade form XP to Vista or even Windows 7 and still want the nice features of a sidebar there is hope! Desktop Sidebar is a FREE program which makes XP users able to have a nice functional sidebar! This program takes up very little resources and has many addons so you can just about find anything you need. There are many skins and customizations so you can make your sidebar your own. It is a 10.8mb download. Check it out here: Desktop Sidebar
  4. Jwh1o1

    Boring logon?

    Hello there, do you get bored with the standard windows log on screen? Stardock LogonStudio lets you change your windows log on with just a few clicks. This program works for XP, Vista, and Windows 7! It comes with a bunch bundled and they have hundreds more on their website to download. The best part is it is all free! The program also is not bundled with stupid tool-bars and other things that annoy most PC users. There is a separate section for XP logons and Vista/7 logons. Check it out before you download if you want to see what it can do here. Check out some of the logons here.
  5. Yes it works on all editions of Windows 7 and I have done it on 4 flash drivs so far and it always works for me.
  6. Here is a great link to easily create a bootable USB flash drive to install Windows. You could probably customize it for other operating systems too. I have tried it on Windows 7 and XP and it installs in 45 minutes. From a DVD it takes an hour or more. Please note that you must have a computer that has the ability to boot from USB. http://kmwoley.com/blog/?p=345
  7. Umm ..... I think the link got changed or something. I clicked it and I was taken to a.... questionable site.
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