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  1. Yeah ive already tried running it in safemode with networking but its just the same there, well thx for the help anyway i suppose its just a no go for me. If i do manage to solve the problem il make sure i post here for possible benefit of anyone else with the same problem.
  2. Well yes i have and i did mention tht about 5 posts bk after the pcpitstop team? asked me the same question. I feel we are goin in circles now.
  3. Yes they are enabled but not in the currently loaded section, i found them in the all add on's section. Same problem im afraid.
  4. Hi again, well i did as u instructed but with no joy im afraid, i receievd the confirmation msg after each one was registered but the same thing happened when i ran PcMatic.
  5. There are only 2 entries in that location for pcpitstop and they are PCPitstop Antivirus and PCPitstop Utillity. Yes i have tried uninstalling Avira, makes no difference to the problem.
  6. Here is the link to my results.. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=23150112 Thankyou again for the help.
  7. Hi thx for replying, the problem isnt with downloading new files, its just they wont load. I am running from admin account, ive tried everything i can think of including rebooting, running in safe mode (with networking), the repair/removal activex tool, clearing the browser cache, adding pcpitstop as a trusted site, reinstalling the program and switching off my AV an FW. Unfortunately the problem is still not resolved, is there anything else i should try or any other help you might offer? Thx again, Stebow.
  8. Hi well ive just received PcMatic as part of an offer through trial pay and im having some problems with it loading. Instalation went fine but when i try to run it i get a error msg saying some activex files could not be loaded please try again. Then the loading window carrys on tryin to load but never does anything more an i have to kill it through task manager, im not an expert on pc's at all so would appriceate any help on this matter, thx. Edit.. ive also just tried all the help ive managed to find on the forum an by google eg. running a full test on ur site(no issuses), the activex
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