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  1. Your suggestion did not work, I may have been able to do what you wanted me to do correctly, I have opened a new ticket and the developer has the information- name Dave Methvin
  2. Help desk has not contacted me, as far as I know my new ticket was not acknowledged, can you contact Doug? I do not have a new open number at the help desk- I do not my money back, not asking for that, I have owned your products for years, I would like a solutuion though, if not , well I just will give up on opt, - interesting, driver alert works, so does overdrive when I run it.
  3. I opened a new ticket however I do not know what else we can do- ran an over drive, nothing new there, tried again with opt- did not install- checked active x and it is working. What ever is stopping it from loading I have not a clue. I have checked everything and documented it in this Forum with you. I appreciate your help however I am beginning to think it is a lost cause for me.
  4. I have not heard from you since dec 28th- anything new about opt 3? sill unable to load -
  5. One listed PC Pitstop Utility enabled Active X also in IE current nothing- IE have been PC Pitstop Current is listed as enabled- nothing in add ons without permission-then in downloaded Active X shows Pitstop Utility enabled.
  6. It did not work, still received same message I posted to you-
  7. I just checked, only one listed, it is enabled called PC Pitstop Utility.
  8. By overdrive I assume you mean the Test- Ok - After opt 3 installs, it opens normally, I see start page for opt3- Then this message appears- Active x components required by this program cannot be loaded and/or updated. If you were prompted to install components but cancelled, please restart the program and select "install". If the problem continues, click here and run the script named Repair-Active x.cmd to attempt to repair the problem. This problem may also occur if a firewall is blocking access to the internet. Instructions for configuring the CA Firewall are available here. If you need
  9. Yes, you are correct- tried to install 2.0,same message , looks like it installed, however does not open, gives same message as always, not installing active x and etc needed, I tried to install from safe mode, did not work, removed all of the opt 2 and 3 because they are not opening or installing- I tried pcMatic, that gives me the same messages- I have not one clue as to why all of a sudden I can not run your programs, I have given McAfee full access to you, turned it off while installing , nothing works. My pc is working fine, receiving everything that I expect it to- perhaps McAfee added s
  10. PC matic never ins talled for me, not running it either- I have exceeded my downloads from store, all I have to work with is opt3- guess I cannot use any of your products so sad, I like them all , used for years-I have exhausted myself tonight- tomorrow well-Thank you, I really cannot understand what happened-
  11. Safe mode does not work, my Fire wall is McAfee and I have given opt 3 permission to it, I do not use windows firewall-do you want me to try opt 2, if so I do not have the download for it-you are really trying so am I - Thank you-
  12. Yes, same error message that I stated before, used your link this time. I am completely baffled by this, I guess I cannot use this program anymore. The error message I gave you says it running however it does not install what it needs even when I follow the directions. I had just bought the upgrade, Mr Hogan was trying to help me, now you- I appreciate this however I am not as equipped as others to solve this.
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