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  1. Thanks for the link to submit a report. I ran a new scan this morning which completed normally. It told me I had 2 out of date drivers which I previously explained that I do not want to update. I uncheck the "install" blocks under the drivers section of the report and then told PCMatic to "Fix All". It again went thru all the other fixes and then started to download the new drivers. I will go to the link you gave me and submit a report. Thanks and have a great day. Bill
  2. Okey.....first, thanks for watching the forums and working on making PCMatic a worthwhile program. Yes, all the users are correct....it needs a lot of work, but as with any new experimental type program, there will be bugs, glitches and a lot of mid-nite oil to burn to make it right. You said in a previous post that new features were being added and as stated above I see that in "settings" I can skip defragmentation. Thank you very much for that option as I use a 3rd party defragmenter for my system. You also say above, that we now have the ability to select which drivers will be
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