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  1. People that entered the Bowl.... Don't forget to submit your scores. Deadline has been extended to Sunday January 17th 11:59PM CST to compensate for the technical problems we had last weekend. Do not hesitate to post your score even if they are not worth of a first place. In my opinion, it is much more embarrassing not to submit than to submit a lower score. To compete with the best overclockers out there is the best way to learn. Those guys will even give you the best advice you can get if you just ask. I hope everybody can get a score in by Sunday!
  2. TRP Forums is back online and upgraded! Thank you very much to our friends at PC Pitstop for lending us some space to stay updated during the process. Much appreciated!
  3. The forums are still offline but I already like the looks better than the old version! It wasn't a good time for the upgrade because of the Bowl going full steam, but I'm sure we'll all be very happy with the new version! Can't wait to see in action! And well, if that means we have to design new skins from scratch... we'll do it (sorry, Luis)! Regarding the Raptor Bowl overclocking competition: The forums being down doesn't forbid you from OC'ing, just submitting. Hopefully, we'll be back monday or thuesday which means you'll still have plenty of time to submit scores. Ultimately,
  4. Oh now that's it, I'm past panicking, I think I'll just loose consciousness.... Hey, Ray, if it really doesn't work, can't you just do a fresh install of the same version of IPS we had? It wasn't all bad... before it began to go awfully wrong... PM me if you need tuck taping the database or something. I also have tie-wraps. This is how real men fix problems.
  5. As Terry said, don't be embarrassed to submit scores. An overclocking competition is a learning experience. Don't refrain from posting in the competition forums to discuss your scores and ask for advice. People will help for sure. Also, of this is your first competition, just don't expect to win the thing. The top dogs have been at it for years, some are using extreme cooling like phase or LN2 and there's no way you're coming close to them. Just try your best and learn from it! Don't forget to submit a score in both classes you're signed-up in... gives you 2 times the chances to win a
  6. Too late, I've been panicking since the first minute. No seriously, I think Inteller jinxed it. I was reading through all of his his nonsense posts and BAM! Forums went out...
  7. There ya go! That's the way you do it! I hope to see you kick some during this year's edition. With miahallen that hasn't expressed his intention to defend his i7 class title yet, the spot might be up for grab!
  8. Hi everybody, I'm dostov, The Raptor Bowl Director and seasoned competition organizer at TRP Forums. You may know me best for my work with Forum Wars (although I usually work behind the scene). I just thought I drop by and answer some questions regarding the Bowl. That's alright, because the competition is after the holidays! Registration is now and until December 31st, but the competition starts only on January 1st, ends January 16th. That's a full 16 days to submit results for 2 quick benchmarks. Hope to see you there!
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