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  1. So how does everyone like Google + and why? I was drug into Facebook and I am hesitant to join another social network. Does the world really need another one?
  2. Actually, I am not sure I agree. I don't think that I will ever forget. I think we all remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when it happened. The fact that we all remember is one of the bonds that make us all Americans.
  3. Good luck on finding that special somebody. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/greenerliving/7951968/The-man-who-lives-without-money.html
  4. I consume all of my news on the internet. When in the United States, we get the local paper for local news and the advertisements. There are only 2 shows that I watch which are American Idol and 60 Minutes. My wife likes to watch Home Cooking Network (whatever the channel with Rachel Ray). We pay about $150/month for cable TV. That does not include internet. When I get back to the US, I think that I am going to get rid of all but one of my cable boxes.
  5. There is a trend where people are dumping their cable/satellite provider putting up an HD antenna and then getting the balance of their content online either free (Hulu) or pay (NetFlix). Have you considered this? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ytech_gadg/ytech_gadg_tc1598
  6. Here's my look on this truly horrific incident. Note: I lived in Austin, TX for 10 years so this really hit close to home. This guy is a wack job. He is a loony tune. Same way that Terry Nichols was unstable. It is mental instability that drove his behavior and the ugly scenes we saw on TV. It is so easy to jump to the conclusion that some how his religion drove this behavior. It is not true. Just as the color of Terry Nichol's skin, nor his religion drove his behavior. Remember the random shooting in Washington DC about 7 years ago? It was a scary time because the guy was like a terrorist. The killer was eventually found to be a black man. But the color of his skin had nothing to do with it, he was another nut job.
  7. I think that getting a good night's sleep is one of the most important things in life, if not the most important. So in the event that I don't get a good night's sleep, here are some of my rules. 1. Don't take a nap the next day even if you are super tired. Just grunt through it. 2. Don't drink caffeine products to feel more awake. 3. Drink lots of non caffeine liquids during the day after you don't sleep well. Water, juice etc. You will go to the bathroom a lot, but also processing all that liquid wakes you up. 4. Eat dinner early. 5. Read a little before going to bed. Almost every time, no matter what the circumstances, if I follow these steps, I sleep like a rock. Good luck.
  8. A friend sent this to me. Check out this guy's energy level for 101 years old. My grandma is 105, but this guy blows her away. It really made me happy to watch this video. I had just finished running for an hour and I was sweating and panting. This guy more than twice my age puts me to shame. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/living/20...thon.runner.cnn
  9. In my opinion, it is already over. David Archileta sings so much better than all the other contestants, male and female. Maybe people are seeing it differently, but I think he is in a class by himself. On the other end, I was surprised that Danny Noriega, and Amanda (the rocker nurse) made it through for another round. Amanda was painful to watch last week. I think she gets votes because she is different, but not because she can sing.
  10. For me, this falls into the category of too good to be true. If one battery can last 30 years, then it seems that a bigger battery could power a car for example. If so, this could solve the world's energy problems.
  11. BB, Are you talking about the xbox media edition? I started to download it but never got it to work. I think it required a compile.
  12. Here's something that Microsoft is introducing that I am actually excited. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070927/ap_on_...uTGbi00J34E1vAI It has quite a few flaws. 1. It is way too expensive. 2. It only works on select versions of Vista But it offers a solution for one of the most nagging problems in computing. Getting multimedia content from your PC's into your home entertainment center quickly and easily.
  13. The Bears got to the final game with defense. Their defense was unbelievable during many regular season games. But Peyton could not be stopped, and their running game was on fire. The Colts neutralized the best defense in the country, and it made Grossman look like a fumbling boob.
  14. If a bird dies in downtown Austin, and no one is there, does it make a sound? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070108/ap_on_...stin_shutdown_7 Apparently, so.
  15. Although they say they are legal, I am having a tough time thinking how it could be. It appears that they are in Canada, so perhaps Canadian law is different but they are still dealing with international copyright laws. I remember there was a Canadian guy a long time ago, maybe 6 years ago, that was shut down for streaming TV signals over the internet. Slingbox is legal because you are using your own television signal. Doug, did your son not have a tv in his room? You should connect the Slingbox to that TV. If he did not, then you would resolve the battle for the remote in the same way you did when he lived with you.
  16. Doug, I just checked out the web site and I am not familiar with this service. It does seem too good to be true, but perhaps I will check it out. However, I can tell you that I use the Slingbox daily down here in Brazil and it works great. I have it connected to a Dish Networks DVR so I record stuff in the US and then watch it later here in Brazil. Should work great for your son because of the big time difference.
  17. Cowboy, You will not believe it but I am getting the calls on my Vonage number. I really encourage everyone to try my approach. It shuts them up in less than 30 seconds. If they have your number, you have a right to know their number. Lou, I truly was LOL!
  18. Does everyone still get telemarketing calls? I still get them. Here's what I say. OK. Before we begin this conversation, please give me your home telephone number and full name. They always ask why. And I say. Because you have my name and home telephone and I am going to give it to all my friends to harrass you before you get in the shower.
  19. These guys made a business selling corpse parts. Yucccchhh! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061018/ap_on_...s/body_parts_11
  20. Perhaps the drops are related to my cordless phone? Does the N router help resolve that issue since it has more antennas?
  21. I am more worried about drops than speed. So will I get less drops if I upgrade my router to N but I keep using G cards?
  22. At times, in my home network, particularly when using my slingbox, it seems like the network will drop in and out. I am using everything 802.11g. I am now reading about 802.11n. Will this help my problem? Will I need to change my cards in my portables also, or just the router in order to get better performance at the same distance from the router?
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