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  1. NY City Attorney General goes after Time Warner and calls them out for blatantly ripping off customers. Someone is actually listening! https://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/2017/02/07/just-long-time-warner-cable-ripping-off/?nyvstwcsuit=&ad_id=504911&share-ad-id=1
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1UujH1v6WU
  3. I am sad today. I called Time Warner and talked to them for a long time. I even showed them this thread. They sent a guy over and I thought he fixed it. I was getting about 20 mbps, but it has gone backwards now. There is no one here but me.
  4. I view it as a fix because users can now join together with real reports in hand and show the ISP that they are not living up to their contractual obligations. As I have documented on this thread.
  5. You are right. The product will be free, and you input your rated speed, and then it will measure every hour your internet speed for a week, and then you will have a full report of how your ISP did. We will collect all of the data so we can see which ISPs are living up to their commitments to their customers and which ones simply do not care. I think this will be important information for example for people when buying a house.
  6. The reason my internet is so bad is because Time Warner has a monopoly in my area. The basic level is 10 mbps and I am paying for 20 mbps. The problem is not the maximum bandwidth that you are paying, it is the minimum. So as I have documented here, frequently I get about 5% of the maximum. When this happens, I can no longer stream video which impacts my work. At 1mbps, you can still do email, and voice over IP, but that is about it. I have talked to Time Warner multiple times on the phone, and they have also come to to my house. About 1/2 of them admit that I have a problem but of
  7. Based on my frustrations, we will be coming out with a product that hopefully will fix this.
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