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  1. My PC is somewhat unreliable. It is on latest W10 build 64 bit Version 1903 (build 18362.476) When it starts up its fine and works OK .... no errors or issues. Recently when I start it up ... it sometimes fails to start .... it's on an ASUS mobo ... Sequence is typically ASUS splash screen (with option to enter setup vis F2 etc) Then I get screen with "RealTek PCI-E Gigayte boot agent loading" Then ASUS splash screen again Next ... on a good startup is windows icon and it then continues to login On the problem startup Either the windows icon does not arrive - just sits with blank screen or Windows icon arrives but it never proceeds any further. Once it has failed once - it can take many restarts before it will work ..... once it does successfully start - usually fine for next few starts. Fast Boot is disabled I tried using W10 recovery ... Settings > Update & Security >Recovery > Advanced Startup >Startup Repair It reboots .. I login ... get the "Diagnosing your PC" mesage. Then I get "Startup could not repair your PC" and then states it has created a logfile on F:\windows\system32\logfiles\srt\strtrails.txt F:\ is a DVD drive? ... with no disk so why it should think it is putting file there is strange. The file is actually on C:\ Any suggestions on any W10 repair steps without a reinstall?
  2. As I can boot system up in safe mode ... is there a backup I can run form that mode that would be able to 'reinstall ' once I put a new HDD in and a clean install of OS on that HDD
  3. Windows 7 32bit on Dell 9200 4 GB RAM 2 x 500GB HDD ... with all OS updates. On start up (normal) desktop paints in, the spinning wheel runs for ages, then eventually all seems fine ... but can't do anything, only action is cursor .. nothing clickable. (incl Ctl+alt+del) HDD LED on PC running permanently. I can start in Safe MODE ... System restore fails ... choosing older restore point also fails W7 repair disk again selected restore ... Tried restore to next previous (2 days ago) all seems to go well, get login, desktop paints in ... then screen goes black ... all that is on it is cursor. The only other points I can think of is that this morning (last successful boot up) it brought up a pop-up "Express files updated" with recommendation to run it ... as it gave no program, or manufacturer ... I chose not to run. W7 repair disk also shows some disk sector errors but can’t fix them. I then tried Dell diagnostics ... it diagnosed error 7 I run Western Digital data Lifeguard and SMART gives status as PASS If I run Quick test .. it reports: Quick Test on Drive 1 did not complete Status code = 07 (Failed read test element) Failure Checkpoint=97 If I run Extended test: I get FAIL Error code 08- Error was detected while repairing bad sectors. Unless somebody knows how to fix this – I’m guessing I need a new HDD My config is 2 HDD, split to 4 partitions .... on Drv 0 contains OS , my apps and data are on Drv 1 As I can start up in SAFE mode, is there any particular backup I can take that will allow me to put in a new HD, install OS, and then reinstall my backup ........... hopefully allow all my programmes on Drv1 to still work ? I take a normal ‘user files backup’ but should I take something else to allow “recovery” Would welcome any suggestion on steps.
  4. Update on testing .. Booted up and ran from Vista disk: X:Sources>bootrec.exe /fixmbr X:Sources>bootrec.exe /fixboot X:Sources>bootrec.exe /fixboot Then run Bootrec /rebuildBcd All run sucessfully However still does not boot up ... exact same fault .. i.e Starts ... Dell Splash screen - Bios ... then get MS green progress bar, this runs for a while then PC reboots .. then Windows recovery screen. If I select "Normal" ... just goes around the same loop again. If I select "Safe mode" ... it starts then stops when it reaches crcdisk.sys
  5. I have Vista 32 bit home ultimate on Dell 9200, it has 2 HDD but no RAID Regulalry run CCCleaner and it is protected with Kaspersky anti-virus. I was trying to install an app, and it failed to complete each time ... manufacturer asked me to boot up in safe mode and install from there. It failed every time I tried to boot up in Safe mode. sequence steps --- Boot up using F8 .. and get Safe Mode option, but when I select it ... trundles through a load of files on screen then stops ... the last file is always the same crcdisk.sys I can leave it for ages .. loads of HDD activity but never completes boot up. Now however PC will no longer boot up in normal mode. (arrrrgh!) I used VISTA disk to try ‘startup repair’ ... no difference Tried rollback to previous system restore point ... it does not give me any any dates to choose & again fails to boot
  6. On start up, once desk top is drawn in, I get - 'RAID volume error window ... backup may still be possible'(I have fully backed up OK) ran CHKDSK from boot ... apart from one cluster fix - no problems, but still declares Disk error on POST : PORT 1 Error occurred. In the Intel Matrix Storage Console (v 8.9) it shows: Port 1 error occurred. If I 'right click' on Volume 0 it tells me "1 ECC error found' I selected ‘verify volume data’ .. one Block reassigned due to media error – no other faults. Reboot .. same issue. I have 2 x 300GB WD disks configure for RAID 0 PC is a Dell 9200 running VISTA
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