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  1. One new thing: The event viewer shows this error repeatedly today - Windows cannot query DIIName registry entry for {-insert registry number here-} and it will not be loaded. This is most likely caused by a faulty registration.
  2. So I unplugged all of the USB cords and then loaded windows and exited all of the items on startup. It works now, as long as I run Google Chrome instead of Firefox, Firefox immediately makes it shut down... All fans are running perfectly and I also cleaned the heat sink and fans so they are all dust bunny free. It is possible it's the power supply, it's rather ancient I think, and the thermal goo is possible too. Does anyone know of a place I can get a good program to see if my CPU is overheating? Also, I posted a Hijack This log now just in case. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/in
  3. I tried unplugging all of the USB components and windows loaded, while waiting for the items in the taskbar to finish loading it shut down again. I'm thinking that this may be a corrupted OS or a broken hard drive. I have been running this OS for way too long so I'm going to go grab a new hard drive and install a fresh copy of windows on it so I don't lose my old files on my existing one.
  4. Hello all, My computer has suddenly decided to crash upon loading windows, it also does this while trying to load safe mode. It did this last week and I was able to load safe mode and then load windows and I have left it on since. Today it just suddenly shut off while I was sitting and watching tv. Since then I have tried cleaning out the insides and fans, though they were running just fine, and run it again. It still shuts down immediately. As I cannot make a hijack this log or run any diagnostics I thought I'd jump on my roommates computer and ask you guys what you think it might b
  5. Hello everyone! One of the things I have yet to grasp regarding computers is the setting of folder securities and permissions. My office has a "Common" drive on our server that we store files on. Some folders need to be only accessible by the one user who should see it and of course our administrator logon as well. It's pretty basic to change these things but I'm finding problems with the whole parent/child thing and inheriting permissions thing. I'm SO lost right now. I changed it so that our main directory of folders can't be changed by anyone but the administrator, me, and then set one
  6. Well I got in and it says that the documents and settings folder for the user that they logged in under is something I do not have permission to access. *sigh* The user account I have logged in under states that it has administrative privileges. So frustrating. Yeah, I think Ill just bring in an external case and do it that way, I just hate trying to get the hd out of factory built comps. -_-
  7. I'm trying to install XP Pro on one of the two partitions without erasing it first so the files aren't lost. I'll see if that installation will work and then I can get the files off of it and then reformat the entire hard drive.
  8. Chkdsk /r has been run and I still cannot get in to the computer.
  9. duanester,Is this from XP Home? The issue at hand is that when I click on one of the users on the Home welcome screen, it does not load the desktop. I can't get into anything at all. The log on screen is not secure, it does not require ctrl+alt+delete, it is the welcome screen style login where you do not have the option to select anything but the one user profile on the pc. If I select Safemode with networking or command prompt, I still get the same Home Welcome Screen, like this example here: http://www.petri.co.il/images/xp_welcome_screen.jpg Only instead of having just the one use
  10. Yeah...unfortunately logging in with another user is not an option. There is simply a welcome screen with "Owner" as the only option, or turning off the computer. Clicking on owner results in reloading of the welcome screen basically. XP Home is so dumb.
  11. Only one account and I don't know if it has administrator privileges. I would guess that it does not. ETA : Safe mode doesnt work either
  12. Hey all! So, another computer another problem. We have an older PC running Windows XP Home and it randomly decided that when you click the user at the main screen it just starts to log into the desktop and immediately goes right back to the main user screen. I've tried googling and doing a lot of the resolutions I've found for this issue and none of them work. Any ideas? I can't really give any more info about the PC since I can't get into it. I've gotten into recovery console but the files USERINIT.EXE and WSAUPDATER.EXE aren't in the system32 file like they are supposed to be accor
  13. Success! You guys rock and always save the day in the weirdest of situations. Gracias!
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