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  1. Thanks for the response. I actually wasn't talking about Overdrive but about PC Pitstop's main service. My account is still active and it's the same email as is for this forum. I actually went back in tonight and my history showed up again. Not sure if I did something wrong or if you adjusted something, but thanks either way. I did notice that the box for "Send me updates on PC Pitstop's new features" was unchecked. I now understand why I didn't receive an email, although I would've hoped abandoning the free testing for $50 yearly testing would've qualified a notification. I have ch
  2. I am so bummed right now. I've been using PC Pitstop since 2002 or so - maybe earlier. Used it last around 3 weeks ago, and had no idea PC Matic was released. Just saw there was this coupon code after googling for more info about the program. Checked my email and it turns out I've received no emails from PC Pitstop since 2007., and the coupon is now expired. A few questions: Main question: Is there any way I can partake in the discount that was offered, and if not, are there plans to offer similar offers in the future? Due to finances, I'm able to pay $10 but not $50 at this po
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