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  1. Thank you for the link! Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY what I have done - to the T and still, I am not recognized as the admin. The screenshots shown on the link are EXACTLY as they are on my computer. I then log into the Admin account, rather than my own and I still get the msg that I am not the admin once the Bios update is ready to install. ????????? I think my computer is POSSESSED!!!
  2. Ok - From my normal account, I go to where it is saved and I right click on it, it does not give Run As Admin as an option to click on. So what am I not doing right? I do get a menu but that option just isn't there. Sorry - Karen
  3. Oh - and the stuff about me logging in as admin, I got from googling the error reply I got from the Bios download saying that I was not logged in as the admin & it was confirmed by HP Live Chat so if any of the info I have been given thus far is incorrect, please feel free to set me straight. I just assumed HP was a trustworthy source for this info but began having my doubts when the last tech told me that if I couldn't update the Bios, and the driver update seemed to work, I should be alright. From what I have read, that is not at all the case as problems would occur as a result of not handling the bios situation now. ????? I honestly cannot understand why this is such a problem as it seems to be fairly uncomplicated to most others. I dunno - ugh!
  4. If you are referring to the cmd.exe > Run As Administrator, yes, I have done that, too. I just tried again to verify that I am giving the correct information and its a no go. Am I thinking the right thing or is there something else I don't know? I am learning all this as I go and prior to, had no real knowledge of any of what I am dealing with so feel free to "speak" to me as if I am an idiot b/c I am absorbing the info & learning from each person that has helped (such as HP Live Chat, etc). Thanks again for the time taken to assist me with my problem. It is truly more appreciated than you know. - Karen
  5. Hi! I'm sorry - I do not. Nothing further was given to me. I was told by HP Live Chat to click the link, hit run and follow it from there. Thanks again for your time!
  6. Hi!! Thanks so much for you time!! I was given this one first: Here is the weblink for BIOS Update: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp42501-43000/sp42853.exe Then, the second time I had to go on Live Chat w/ HP, they gave me this one to try: Here is the web link to download BIOS update : ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp42001-42500/sp42141.exe Thanks again!! - Karen
  7. Hi all! I am having a major issue with Vista Home Premium 32 bit not recognizing me as the Admin to update Bios after installing new NVIDIA driver due to screen turning white w/ broken black lines. Before you offer help (which I beg of you & would very, very much appreciate) I should explain further. I am aware of the security settings with Vista that requires you go into the system and disable the UAC and Run As Admin and actually log in as "THE" Admin. I am not attempting to update while logged in my own account that is set as the admin, I am actually logging in as THE Admin. SO - according to HP, that is all that needs to be done to allow the Bios to be updated. WRONG - my computer (hp dv9720us) will not recognize me as the admin no matter what I do!! The origin of the issue or what brought me to this point is the following: As I was working on my computer as I always do, all of the sudden, my screen went black then immediately to a white screen w/ diagonal, broken black lines across it. It would not respond to any attempt of getting it back other than disconnecting the PS & releasing the battery, then rebooting. It then rebooted as usual only to give me a black screen with my desktop icons showing - no desktop background anymore. It then allowed me to access the internet, but only for about 5-10 mins then it happened all over again and again ....... and again. Let me add that I had NOT made any changes to the system at all prior to this - no updates, no new software - nothing. I got on live chat w/ HP. They had me download the updated NVIDIA driver and I was to then update Bios. Downloading the driver seemed to work, although the Bios still needed to be updated. After a couple of hours googling & learning how to manipulate Vista into offering up the actual ADMIN account that I could log into to update Bios, it still keeps telling me I am not logged in or running as Admin - BUT I AM!! I returned to HP Live Chat. They confirmed I was in the actual Admin account and it should be working & allowing me to update Bios. They finally said if the driver update seemed to fix the problem, I should be fine. I know this is not true. I know that Bios has to be updated or problems will surely follow soon enough. Well - as it turns out, my screen is still doing the whole white screen/black lines thing - just after allowing me to be on the comp. for much longer than 5-10 mins now. I can go for a few hrs and then all the sudden - there it goes again. I don't know if this is simply b/c of the Bios not being updated or if my problem is worse than I anticipated. With all this said, I really am most interested in figuring out this "not being logged in as admin" thing. Anyone else ever run into this issue? Some info possibly needed - ? - hp dv 9720 us / Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit / AMD Turion x2 / 160gb HD / 3gb RAM / IE 7, Firefox, Google Chrome / NVIDIA / Current Net Bios Version F.27 http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=23059127 Also - just did the full scan/test on pcpitstop last night & only had 2 errors. Now, just ran it again and have 7 errors or needs for concern. Note: I will be correcting those immediately. Thanks so much for any help!! - Karen
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