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  1. yes, links in quote are lost while posting. anyway, i followed from the main post for this.
  2. Hmm, if we do that then what's the point in it ? i mean those other ugly wm like icewm etc. hardly impress me.
  3. nice resource link. thanks for sharing
  4. Wish they added free spell checker to this as well. i'm in search of some online grammar and spell checker sites.
  5. Yes, they do have some games rated as per age. You need to look at the logo for it. I don't think there is lock or something except payment for the system.
  6. :| it is not working with windows 7 for me.
  7. shock


    Where and how this information is sold ? Any site doing this ?
  8. One thing i failed to learn that how microsoft claimed that linux is less software compatible. What test they do for that ?
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