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  1. Thank-you both for your responses. FYI, I was aware of being able to click on the fix/advice area. Evidently I had not clicked on the right place for the ranking details. Unfortunately I am VERY hesitant to run the program again. While typing my comments above I had left the PC Matic results displayinh to use as a reference. (Had run it an extra time to be able to display them actually -- really want to see saved reports.) When I completed the post I did a restart on my W7 Ultimate/32 desktop (P5B-e motherboard, 2x150 RAID-1 C-Drive, 320x4 RAID-5 D-Drive). The restart process just stopped. Froze. No disk activity, just a nice windows logo. (I left it for over 1/2 hour.) I pressed my reset button and was eventually told that Windows was not recoverable, did I want to recover an older version. I answered YES and, 12++ hours later it was still just thrashing. I tried going the "F8" route and selecting the last known good configuration. I got in, sort-of, but was told it was not genuine Windows, performance was non-existent (unusable) due to disk activity (minor CPU load). I gave up again after a couple hours. I am the VERY proud owner of an HP MSS and at times like that I ask myself why I wasted all that time. Half an hour later I had recovered to the day beofre I installed PC Matic and was running fine. But was the problem with PC Matic? Ran it about four-five times with basically the same steps as before (no other applications running this time, and no posting while reading!) SAME PROBLEM. Repeated the entire sequence again: Install, initial scan with defaults, restart, let the C-Drive defrag (not too bad time-wise), Quick options then thorough and then quick again. Then quick once more. SAME PROBLEM. This time when I restarted I did not re-install PC Matic. I'll open that ticket tomorrow (it's too late to attempt it tonight). I -u-me it will be OK to link back to this rather than re-do all the data entry?
  2. Long-time PC Pitstop customer/user, new to the forums here. I have attempted to see if these are covered in other PC Matic posts (a couple questions were and are not included here) but I have not seen these. Background: Initial scan/repair with all defaults worked fine. Problem #1: When scanning C:\Documents and Settings\User\AppData\Local\Application Data the Security Scan (High Level Threats) locks up, imposes a very high CPU utilization (one core at almost 100%, the other at 50-60%) and sits there. In exploring the situation I found that this directory is actually not accessible even when I try to browse it as an Administrator. PC Matic should be able to recognize this and move past such a situation. Changing to a QUICK Malware scan does not seem to access that subdirectory ant works fine. Problem #2: The documentation implies that the user will have the option, after the scan, to select what changes are to be made. I am extremely disappointed that the user is not asked BEFORE any attempt is made to defragment the selected disk. Ideally this would include an estimate of how long it is expected to take. I did not appreciate a 15-hour exercise, especially when I run a defragmentation program (PerfectDisk) in the background. I did appreciate the report but should be able to avoid the automated "fix". ------------- Suggestion A: Many screens have information in "shaded"or lighter text colors. Especially with smaller type this is painfully difficult to see. Please change these to BLACK type. Specifically I note the text above the progress line, the cotents of the Fixes/Advice Summary Report and even the screen shown before the fixes are applied (the latter being somewhat better though). Suggestion B: Allow the selection of multiple disks. Suggestion C: I would like to see more details on exactly what changes are being made with the option to individually accept or reject each one. Suggestion D: The screen for Reports-->Advice (Entitled "Miscellaneous Results - Performance Tweaks - Advice" is confusing. Is this all advice or are some of these changes being made automatically? The text of the right states these are recommended changes but the column header says these are "Test Results". Are these the settings detected or the ones suggested? Change it to two columns showing what it is currently and what is recommended and CLEARLY state whether these chabnges are being made or whether I need to make them manually. It gets more confusing when the Summary Advice lists more items than in the Advice Report, including one not listed on ANY other report (Firefox Passwword Security) that I could find. (See Suggestion A for that summary report!) Suggestion E: When the Options are saved close the window... Suggestion F: Performance testing should include ALL attached displays. Suggestion G: A detailed Final Report should be saved in a file for future reference. I suggest saving the last THREE by default. Suggestion H: Details should be reported as to why the "World Rank" is what it is. What is my "weak spot"? Strength? What could I do to improve my system? -------------- If there are work-arounds for any of these I would appreciate pointers. If there is a better place to report the problems please let me know about that as well. I am willing to beta-test any possible solutions.
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