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  1. Thank-you both for your responses. FYI, I was aware of being able to click on the fix/advice area. Evidently I had not clicked on the right place for the ranking details. Unfortunately I am VERY hesitant to run the program again. While typing my comments above I had left the PC Matic results displayinh to use as a reference. (Had run it an extra time to be able to display them actually -- really want to see saved reports.) When I completed the post I did a restart on my W7 Ultimate/32 desktop (P5B-e motherboard, 2x150 RAID-1 C-Drive, 320x4 RAID-5 D-Drive). The restart process just
  2. Long-time PC Pitstop customer/user, new to the forums here. I have attempted to see if these are covered in other PC Matic posts (a couple questions were and are not included here) but I have not seen these. Background: Initial scan/repair with all defaults worked fine. Problem #1: When scanning C:\Documents and Settings\User\AppData\Local\Application Data the Security Scan (High Level Threats) locks up, imposes a very high CPU utilization (one core at almost 100%, the other at 50-60%) and sits there. In exploring the situation I found that this directory is actually not accessible eve
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