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  1. No, there's been no email notification, although it might come tomorrow. John
  2. Unfortunately, a complication has already developed. As you know, I deleted all scheduled PCMatic scans on both my laptops and programmed them both for weekly scans, the first of which was for today. However, only one of the two scheduled scans actually took place. The scan for my backup laptop was scheduled to take place at 12 AM this morning, but nothing happened. I'm sending you an email with an attached zip log.
  3. Thank you. I've deleted all scheduled scans and reprogrammed each computer for a weekly scan. I hope this solves the problem. John
  4. Thanks for your response. As for deleting all scheduled scans, etc., I thought I had done that, but it appears I haven't, so it looks like I'll need your help with that. Perhaps a simple set of instructions on how to clear and reschedule scans would help. John
  5. Any idea when I might expect feedback on this problem. I am now receiving email messages telling me that several scheduled scans have failed to take place. Nevertheless, the unscheduled scans are still taking place, almost every other day now. I'm beginning to worry that the PCMatic program may be damaging my computer.
  6. My Email address: Edit - Intelguy I've also noticed that the scan reports indicated that whatever problems were found were fixed. How is that possible? I thought the command to "Fix" problems was a manual operation.
  7. Q 1: No Q 2: Yes Will open ticket as soon as I can locate the info requested in order to open the ticket.
  8. Although my PCMatic is scheduled to scan my computer once a week, it seems to be scanning every other day or two. Can anyone tell me why? Oh, and the time data concerning the scans is whacky. For example, the data shows that some scans ended before they actually began.
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