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  1. I recommend a2 also as a trojan remover. I have to say though that prevention is a better tool than removal. Knowledge, sharing of information and experience, a more secure browser (and security settings) and prudent surfing habits will lessen the chance of picking up a bug. That is my experience, not an opinion. Oldtimers and new folk alike here have helped to guide me through infections before. Learning from my mistakes and those of others has made me a more prudent traveller. :beer:
  2. I just updated Ad-Aware. Everything was fine. Maybe give it another go. :beer:
  3. I found this article: http://forums.spywareinfo.com/lofiversion/...php/t57739.html It refers to conflicts with newer versions of Sygate and older windows operating systems. I use '98se myself and got two closed ports with a sygate scan and all stealth at GRC. But since symanyec bought sygate as they mention, perhaps it's a way to 'encourage' users to buy a new symantec product. I dunno.
  4. Yep, they're pretty busy and I appreciate the work they do. :beer:
  5. Wait..so the WMF exploit is detected on a2 or is this just another update? I just want a clarification. Thanks! Yes. An 'update' on 12/31, for a2...for WMF expoit detection.
  6. I've been running avast! for several months now. I appreciate the automatic updates as soon as I turn my machine (as old as it is) on. I used to run NAV and AVG but prefer this simple to use program. I also use online back-ups (trendo micro and panda). :beer:
  7. "Best" is relative. I look at this subject the same as a medical virus, so tp speak. "Anti-virus" protection to me means trying my best to avoid getting 'sick' in the first place. In my experience this means not venturing into areas that I will most likely get sick or coming into unprotected contact with someone that might be. If by choice (or even accident), I visit with, shake hands, mingle, interact with someone or a group of people known to have a cold, there's a good chance I might get one too. If I live a life of irresponsible sexual activity, I may pick something up as well. If I avoid those people as best I can, wash my hands regularly, don't let someone sneeze in my face (I know it's a stupid example but what the hey) and look after myself, I stand a better chance of not getting that cold. If I watch my promiscuity or practice 'safe sex', I stand a better chance of not contracting something I don't want, or give others something they don't want! So, if I use some common sense and don't muck around in areas of the internet that may likely be a source of viruses/trojans and spyware (ie...warez sites, porn sites), I'll be better off. If I don't allow my email client to automatically open .exe files or attacthments for example, I'll be better off. If I did download a file and then scanned it first with an anti-virus program before running it, I'd be in better shape. If I do happen to get sick, then I best see a doctor right away and not postpone it too long. There is more sensible advice on these boards than you can shake a stick at. Surf safe, use respected anti-spyware programs (Ad-aware, Spyboy S&D, SpywareBlaster) in combination with the tools mentioned by others here, use a safe browser (Firefox) , use a real time anti-virus program, (I use AVG) use online AV scans (I use Panda and Trend-Micro) to double check your health and employ a firewall (I use Sygate). It beats having to go to the doctor and bend over for the examination. I hope everyone forgives my ramblings but virus-free surfing in my opinion has plenty to do with common sense and preparedness. :beer:
  8. I have Spybot's host file loaded. Does this mean I now need additional hosts file blockers as I do with spyware? Updating and such for multiple host file blockers too? I mean, gimme a break. Hope I'm wrong but appreciate replies.
  9. I wouldn't be too intimidated by the antivirus test. As long as you have a reputable AV program installed (a good free one is AVG) and common sense is applied to surfing habits, (ie: never open email attatchments, download first, then scan before opening) you'll be alright. As far as the Gibson's site goes, it is a little confusing at first. So try his page here: http://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2 scroll down a couple of clicks to the 'Shields Up!! Services' box and click the "all service ports" spot directly under the words "Shields Up!!"...the test will take only a couple of minutes for your peace of mind. Still, if you run a firewall (such as I do with Sygate), you can go to Sygate's page: http://scan.sygate.com/ and click 'Scan Now'. Must be done using Internet Explorer though. Piece of cake.
  10. Thanks. Gotta love this program and Kolla's dedication. :beer:
  11. I solved this bug awhile back but only thought it because I was stupid...when you click the larger 'immunize' icon on the left menu, it doesn't actually immunize you, but rather opens the 'immunize' window as I call it, but when you click the smaller 'immunize button' on the right panel (with the green plus symbol next to it), it performs the operation and your 2 additional definitions will be added to spybot's database. Hope this helps you out. p.s. I'm running version 1.4B2 with no problems
  12. This turned into a rather large thread indeed. The old adage is true about if you don't have something nice to say about someone, don't open your yapper. I was here back in the yellow pit days under the name of Celt. I suffer from oldtimerz disease too and thought it was 1999 but must have been 2000 or so when I was lurking around and Volt helped me upload a celtic knot icon. I limped in on an old 486 compaq 33 with 14.4 dial-up and 16k memory (oldtimerz). :bag: Sure is nice to see all the good-natured jabs and compliments though. People helpin' people. Off to stick my pin on the pit map. Thanks again all. :santagrin:
  13. I first came here back in '99 I think. Had numerous problems in the days before adaware and such. Volt made me feel welcome and walked me through the solution. Others followed and never once did anyone make me think I was stupid for not understanding at the time, just what was wrong with my machine and how I could protect it and keep it ship-shape. People like Jaycee, Radio, Donna and Y kawika. Thank you to all here at the Pit that have helped educate and make feel welcome. Keith :santagrin:
  14. Norton Systemworks 2003 (includes antivirus)...diagnostics and virus scan set to automatically scan once a week. Ad-aware Spywareblaster Spybot S&D Winpatrol Sygate Personal Firewall Firefox browser with Adblock and Cookieculler extensions IE6 w/google toolbar (emergency use only) Outlook Express configured to not open attatchments Try to keep wary of shady sites and programs....
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