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  1. JEWISH LOVE: A Jewish father, Moishe, is speaking with his eldest son, Yitzak.... "Father, I am going to marry !" Moishe begins to dance with joy and sing Hava Nagila. "Tell me, is she a good Jewish girl? What is her name? "O'Brien," replies the son. "She's Catholic." "Oy!" says the father. "But are you happy?" "I'm happy," says the son.. "Nu, as long as you're happy.... my blessings to you both," replies Moishe. But the father is still counting on his remaining sons, Schlemiel and Chutzpah. Schlemiel calls on his father the next evening, "Father, I, too, will be married soon!" Again Moishe breaks out in a dance and sings God's praises. "What is her name," he asks. "Kazalopopodopolous," says the son. "She's Greek Orthodox." "Oy," says Moishe. "But are you happy?" "I'm happy, father..." "OK. Then you, too, have my blessing," Moishe says. Dejected, Moishe goes to the temple to pray. "Please, God, let my remaining son, Chutzpah, marry a nice Jewish girl ... to raise nice Jewish children in your eyes... PLEASE!" Chutzpah comes to his father excitedly and exclaims, "Father! I am to wed in the spring!" "Her NAME? WHAT IS HER NAME?" his father immediately demands. "Goldberg!" says Chutzpah. Moishe is beside himself with joy! "Praise God! Praise the Prophets!" Turning to Chutzpah, he asks, "Is she Doctor Goldberg's daughter Shelley, from Newark?" "No..." says Chutzpah... "Hmm," says Moishe.. "Must be Attorney Goldberg's daughter Rachel from Hollywood?" "Ah...no, father" says Chutzpah... "Well, then, what is her first name, my youngest, truest, most beautiful son?" "Whoopi."
  2. My pickup bought it this summer....$4500.00 also have a Chevy Van...don't drive it much anymore..
  3. You still eat Ky. Baked Opossum..Shogan.? I love oysters...the mountain kind..
  4. Merry Christmas . .everybody as Tiny Tim once said..God Bless Us . everyone..
  5. I think he's Right On.. December 15, 2005 – President Bush’s approval ratings have spiked dramatically over the last month while Congressional approval crashed. Following several recent speeches on Iraq, voters appear to be rallying around the president, with a 10-point jump in his approval since a similar poll in November (from 40% to 50%). He sticks to his guns and stay the course.
  6. Hey Bruce... I got you this for Christmas...
  7. Nice..Hulk I also run 98SE ...works for me Merry Christmas
  8. QUOTE (moon @ Did you hear about this one ? [url=http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/7E19996D-E3CB-403C-BDBB-6FB811124783.htm) White House will not rule out torture[/url] It's hard, even now, to associate America with such primitive thinking. I'm for whatever it takes to save lives....
  9. Best to avoid them U.S. hens too...Bird flu hits Orlando...
  10. Iwo Jima Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  11. God Bless all the Veteran's . . Thank you for you're service.
  12. And the same people critized Mr. Bush for not responding fast enought after Katrina.. What goes around..comes around.. I heard there was rioting in Germany also...another one of our good friends.
  13. frustration and poverty ! Is that a reason to riot and kill...NO I heard the Franch leader told them thay had better stop.. Next he'll be stomping his feet and pointing his finger..that will stop them. These people have done figured out .. French won't do anything to stop them...
  14. I'm wondering when they will ask the U.S.A. to helpthem...as always..
  15. Ha Ha Hulk... I said to the wife, "Guess what I heard at work today? They say the milkman has made love to every woman on our street except one." And she said, "I'll bet it's that stuck-up Phyllis at the end of the street."
  16. Same here Doc...Take Care and good luck...
  17. When I was younger...many years ago. Use to set, cut and house tobacco, haul in hay. $5.00 a day. ...but then gas was .25 cents a gal. ...cigarettes .17 cents a pack Dem wer good ol days
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