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  1. http://ikeb.00freehost.com/DesktopNew.jpg
  2. I don't like it either.
  3. The prize is ... you get to diaper him the first week.. My Guess is : Boy Noah Douglas 15th November Don't worry about the names and such..Just hope and pray the little darling is Healthy..
  4. STOP! LinkScanner Online has detected a malicious site.
  5. E-Mail I got today from Exploit Prevention Labs..... Hello Ike, Thank you very much for bringing this issue to our attention. First, PCPitStop is certified safe. You are free to browse to the site you scanned: http://forums.pcpitstop.com Second, PCPitStop is actually “whitelisted” by us. However, due to a recent code change we let a whitelist item slip through to the scan results. We greatly appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention and do apologize for any inconvenience or confusion it may have caused you. We will resolve this issue immediately.
  6. Thanks for you're reply Jacee.. I just e-mail the company to find out why.. Link Scanner online says it's a malicious site. Link Scanner Pro says it's OK..?
  7. Well I guess ain't nobody telling.....
  8. I ran LinkScanner online for PcPitstop and came up with this.. What does it mean ?
  9. Let's bring Angela back too....OK
  10. I had this problem after I set up my computer to use Open DNS... How I get the updates is to change my DNS server to obtain server address automatically. After I get the update I go back into Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties and change my DNS server addresses to what it was before.. Mine is : Preferred DNS server Alternate DNS server
  11. Camel Toe ... I enjoy looking at them ...
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