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    Fishing, Hunting, Milking the cow, Feeding the chickens, and Slopping the Hogs...Yeeeehaaaaaa

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  1. Some old pit members ...https://ikebut.com/pit/pit.html (notice) after you click on link delete everything after html
  2. I haven't been here for a long time. Sorry to hear about IntelGuy,Ykawika and Caintry_Boy passing away. Rest in peace, my friends.
  3. I thought Radio Shack went out of business.. That Bobby Knight was one tough Hoosier.
  4. Rest in peace Don. Always liked old "Deputy Barney Fife" .
  5. Nice Little bill..... took me two days to load it....
  6. Quote from NRA-ILA Grassroots Alert .... On Monday, Canada's anti-gun Prime Minister Paul Martin and the ruling Liberal Party were ousted in the country's federal elections, bringing an end to the Liberal Party's 12-year reign. The Conservative Party, under the leadership of Stephen Harper, will now take over the government's control. Outgoing Prime Minister Martin's scandal- plagued administration gained notoriety for its ill-advised gun registration program that has cost the country more than two billion dollars and, of course, did nothing to reduce Canada's escalating crime rate. This registration fiasco, combined with Martin's recent call for an all-out ban on all legally-owned handguns, rallied Canada's lawful gun owners who helped turn the tide for the Conservative party. As we've seen time and again in our own country, gun bans do nothing to reduce violent crime. Internationally, Australia's and Great Britain's gun bans and confiscations have proven to be miserable failures, with violent crime rates escalating in the wake of their flawed programs. Hopefully the Canadian election results (coming fast on the heels of Brazil's recent rejection of a national gun ban), will serve as a wake-up call to politicians who think they can build careers by dismantling gun owners' rights. Good choice....Canada
  7. I don't see no link to click on .. Bruce I wish you would fix that..I'm missing a lot good stuff
  8. Yea..I love my pug..Took him for a ride to town..Just got back. I can see and click them now..something in my AdShield had you're links blocked..?
  9. Sorry to hear the bad news . Joe Hang tough....God Bless .
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