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  1. Hey is there a general place in here were folks swap pc stuff. I'm just sitting here looking for a cheap sound card and tv input card and i'm thinking there's probably 20 folks here who have bought something and then upgraded with the parts sitting in a box. Just a thought
  2. Well today it was just sitting there Idle almost I touched the mouse and kablam blue screen of death and then upon attempted rebooted system failure. So I ordered a new power supply well see if that's the culprit I guess.
  3. I called MSI. There is no bios option supposedly the mobo is suppose to recognize which it is. Not suppose to F6 unless I'm setting up raid (so now since I originally did f6 do I have to re-installl windows or roll with it maybe I would want a raid some day). Apparently I had the drive in the Jmicron slot and that is why it wasn't showing up under 1 of the 4 ide drives. So now it's sit and wait to see if the Hard drive stops responding and goes kerplunk. The second tech support pointed towards the power supply as a culprit to make the HD to stop responding and die (as my first hard drive did and the second hard drive started to shows signs thus making me question the sata installation). All I know is it was running fine. Then installed NERO 6 still ran fine 1 hour later I started to Install sp3 and the drive issues started and continued even after reboot and while I was working in the bios. So maybe I do I have fritzy power supply. So this install before adding anything else I went ahead and brought the xp home with sp2 up to date to sp3 etc. If no issues pop up for a couple days I will try installing something else. Is there anyway to test the Power Supply?
  4. Ok and my systems is MSI P965 NEO (not f or V2 just neo) Intel Dual Core 2 2400 Mhz Radeon X850 2048 Memory Seagate ST3640323AS 640GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM Windows XP (SP3) It was really unclear which SATA driver to use so I used JMicron IDE/SATA RAID Driver (and picked the one for home xp not 64) There was another driver that I did not choose JMicron IDE/SATA RAID Driver (For floppy disk)
  5. Ok, in the past I had been guilty of loading XP on a SATA drive incorrectly not pushing f6 and installing sata driver. And ultimately XP would install work for a while but fail (hard drive would get into a constant seek mode). The failure usually occured when I updated to windows xp sp3 I think. So figuring out my error I hooked up a floppy drive (whos idea was that) got what I thought were the SATA driver pushed f6 and reloaded windows xp after it asked me to point to the sata driver. So it appears it all worked ok. My question is how do I know now that's it's installed correctly. Upon start up I hit delete and the bios still shows a list of 4 ide drives with nothing there. Thanks
  6. Gateway ML6720 NoteBook Intel Pentium dual-core T2310(1.46GHz) 15.4" Wide XGA 1GB Memory DDR2 667 120GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi Intel GMA X3100
  7. Ok I purchased a gateway computer and it has all kinds of junk preloaded on it. I"m hesitant to remove programs from laptops without being sure. Should I remove it Big fix Spare Backup
  8. I have a laptop that keeps crashing. Blue screen of death. PCpit test says the hard drive is performing poorly 4 mb per second when the standard for this level laptop is 12. Before I buy a hard drive I may not have another use for is there a site or software that will run it through the paces and see if the hard drive is the failure point
  9. Well I switched the SATA port (on the advice of EVGA) and now it's working with the DVD connected. HUM. Go figure.
  10. EVGA said the main board is set up to run SATA drive with no extra drivers needed and F6 is only for raid which this is not Back to the drawing board maybe I'll try a different dvd drive.
  11. To install Windows operating system on SATA drive you should use F6 option to load the drivers in order for windows installation to be able to detect the drive. You need to load the driver for your SATA controller, which can be obtained from your SATA controller and/or motherboard manufacturer, not for your SATA drive, because hard drive itself does not require any drivers. This was from Seagate. So as it would appear I hooked my DVD drive back up and my system suddenly stopped recognizing the hard drive so it would appear that my install of windows is not good because I didn't go through the SATA requirements. BUT where do I find these SATA drivers and how do I get them on my system that does not have a 3.5 floppy it would appear it should come from EVGA for my main board but I don't see it. nForce 4 SLI Mainboard Part Number: 133-K8-NF41-AX
  12. http://www.pcpitstop.com/TechExpress.asp?id=CHDM0W6DZ1JSTB4Q Let me try it again. MY age is catching up with me
  13. Here are the test results of my new PC build. Should this opteron 64 be running faster.
  14. Ok putting together new computer and upon turning on the power it seems all the fans start etc but no beep, no video. Should I reseat the cpu. Take the mobo back out and look for a short. all of the above.
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