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  1. Guess it will be an Linux system of some kind. AFter multiple restarts in Ubuntu it's rock solid bios never faulters and system never seems to have problem starting. I went to put in a Windows Vista install CD and Pow hard stop pc stops responding at or before the first page of install this happened twice then I try Windows 7 and same deal it gets to the point where I should be able to Pick what country and there is no response from keyboard or mouse.
  2. Ok I stop trying to start PC with windows (baring in mind the PC appeared to be getting progressively more problematic) and meerly started up pc with opensuse. PC holds bios my opensuse dvd did not work so reboot and go for ubuntu. Well low and behold bios are holding and system instability appears to go away. I'm going to keep testing with ubuntu. Then maybe load opensuse if I can get a good copy of it. If all that works with long stability I will then try loading Vista I guess.
  3. could not find any such setting in bios. I did find on the web another person stating the same issue I have starting in July of 2010 with same board (thats also about the time i started having the problems).
  4. OK if I read through that correctly I should look to see if my mobo has a os plug and play option.
  5. Most of the time the clock is set to Jan 1 2003 but it does change. For example after shutting down just now it reset to Jan 10 2011 I just don't see how a mechanical glitch in the mobo would not lead to the same reset date every time. I'm really starting to suspect a virus but as indicated I've run many a virus and spyware programs. I might try formatting with Ubuntu or something and then re-installing windows.
  6. Ok, I've updated the bios and problem still happens. If the date time clock had always went back to 2003 I would it was a mechanical failure. The problem was that I've seen the date time clock go into the future. But this only happens when the computer is turned off. Sometimes on a restart but mostly on a hard off. Is there any way the operating system could mess with the BIOS. If not the operating system then what?
  7. I read through the bios updates and none of them mentioned anything like I'm encountering. I'm trying now..
  8. I have the MSI P965 7235 ver 1.1 with Intel core2 using a win7 operating systerm. Some many months back it started to have date changes. Sometimes backwarks to 2003 sometimes more here lately forwards (like the year 2199) but always when I turn off the pC. REstarting was a crap shoot sometimes it would see drives sometimes it would not. It always looses my setting to not look for drive a and halts on the lack of a drive on a restart. Yes I changed the battery and tried every virus program and checker. Giving up I finally back up my data and re-install windows 7. Suddenly the above date changing problem and drive problems go away I can turn it off unplug it etc etc not 1 fumble. Then windows 7 starts to update itself. After an update or 2 the problems are back. The Mobo as best I can tell is Vista certified. Any chance my issues are related to an in-compatability with win 7 and 1 of it's updates? If so should I find (or heaves forbid buy) a copy of vista or just load Win 7 and don't allow any updates? Thanks
  9. Yeah that would be great but with 32 megs of ram I don't think 98 is the way to go.
  10. Ok, I'm having to assist someone get there windows 95B compaq presario on the web via wireless pcmcia. I've found one of the few win 95B compatible pcmcia cards netear ma401. I'm having trouble getting the driver loaded. And appears one of the suggestions I've been told is to update the win 95 libraries. I can't seem to find it. Also I've downloaded and ran the i.e. 5.5 sp2 and i.e. still indicates is sp1 when I look at the about section under help. Apparently 5.5. sp2 is a critical part of getting this process to work. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. OK I got them copied over but still no go and no change. Does anyone know of a laptop wireless network card (around 30 bucks) that will work in opensue 11.1 out of the box.
  12. Any suggestions on the command to move these to the /lib/firmware? Thanks
  13. hum it must take a different command to copy these files into the /lib/firmware
  14. HEre is what I found I just don't know what to do with it. http://web.archive.org/web/20060510135035/...x_fw/acx1xx.htm more specificallly to my card http://web.archive.org/web/20060527215232/...nk_dwl650+/fw1/
  15. I think it's important to know my own limitations. It took me several hours and you shining the light on the path (OK BLASTING A bazillion watt beam on the path) for me to successfully copy a file into the firmware library. When I read the post you posted it talked about a guy basically building a driver to make the card work. That is beyond my capability at this time.
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