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    computers, computers, and more computers. oh - sunshine, the beach (i miss the beach since i moved to minnesota does that mean i have to like snow?), Nick, my kids, football, and did I mention computers?

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    Dell board, dell box, dell monitor, winXPsv2, but took everything dell software-wise outta here...
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  1. I actually managed to get the OS loaded, although the drivers wouldn't go anywhere, I put my wireless on and got online. made it to the pit for a test to see what all I needed to fix, and made it to dell do download the vga drivers. everything seemed to work ok, so i went to msn for any updates i need. went through the restart, and the screen came up worse than ever. did another shut down, now it will go through the hard boot, but will not load windows. so i put the repair disk back in and try that, and i am back at step one - this file not right, that file not there, and then the BSOD. a
  2. kd - youve helped me alot in the past - will try tomorrow - for now - been to happy hour - not a good time, besides, american idol is on! love you guys!!
  3. I've tried it all except the power supply thing - will try that after work today. i have managed to get the OS to load - finally after millions of attempts - everytime i would start the installation it would tell me different files that were missing or corrupt - then it finally all went through, i got through the set up part, it shuts down, reboots, loads windows up to the desktop, then still have the bsod. I am really not sure what happened here.
  4. congrats Kylie! the 2 of you look great in all the pics! Wishing the 2 of you a wonderful life together!
  5. I feel really stupid asking this - my computer took a dump - daughter installed AIM / AOL on it, son was playing runescape and installed an auto typer on it. I installed a lyxs wireless on it. not sure what happened - but everything went haywire at once. sooooooo..... since its been awhile, i decide maybe its time for a fresh install, since it was all freezing up anyway. mind you - tried the easy stuff first, was just going to uninstall the things that screwed it up, but could not even get into the control panel, starting up in safe mode even brought the bsod . I tried to just do
  6. check this site - decent information there http://www.anti-trojan-software-reviews.com/review-ewido.htm
  7. "Tonight would be a good night to try and catch some meat (reindeer with red noses)...for our meal. Since we have fire...... " <--- runs across the stage in fear of becoming a meal......
  8. clip.....clop.....clip.....clop..... PLOP!!!! hey...when ya gots ta go, ya gots ta go!!!!! *leaves the stage area*
  9. <<--- reindeer prances in...... sorry i'm late guys - can't tell if i have been replaced or not - computer went down for the count -
  10. I am researching my rol on various websites, yet have not come up with exactly where falls into the play? Could someone help me please? Do i just wander around the mountain leaving droppings?
  11. i know i'm only a girl, but i wanna be ---> can i can i ...Please, huh...can I?
  12. i have that one - they're 13 and 15 - the 15 y/o scares me bad! hey - she called me the other day - says "they caught me smoking at school and i told them i was holding the cig for someone else" I couldn't stop laughing - soon as i got home ripped her purse off her arm and took the smokes - i used that excuse in 1977 ...needless to say - she's grounded a while - more for lying about it .... man - was looking over that list - who makes that stuff up???!!!
  13. for the dialer, check this out: http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...alplatform.html for the other, I found this: http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...pybot.worm.html
  14. thanx - you just gave me an answer to a question I didn't know I had! I am working on a puter - the whole thing needs reformatting - but the woman lost her recovery disc - I have the dell - she has an emachine - i wanted to use my disc on hers - but really wasn't sure if that would screw anything up - i was just going to reformat her and put win98 on it -
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