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  1. I bought a 5 meter extension cable and connected that way, but windows doesn't detect it... maybe because it can't detect the mic through the cable?
  2. I'm trying to connect my microphone (not a headset, an actual mic) to my 3.5 mm jack on my laptop but the jack is too long. The mic jack is 3.5 mm but it's a bit longer than normal 3.5 mm jacks (pic). You can't see it well in the pic, but the very tip of the mic jack (bottom) is 1-2 mm longer than that of my headphones (top). Both jacks fit fine when I plug them into my desktop, only in my laptops (Samsung Series 5 (slimline), also HP laptop) the mic doesn't go in all the way and windows doesn't detect anything. When I use too much pressure to put it in, it still doesn't work. Both lap
  3. We are in the same country now, but he lives 190 km away so I can't return it to him in person. I'm not taking the PC on vacation and I'm not on vacation yet. So I want to return it before my vacation through the mail if possible.
  4. Maybe an unusual question, but I borrowed my friend's PC while he was on vacation. Now I'll go on vacation and we won't see each other for the next few months. So can I mail the PC back to him or would it break, or could the PCI-e card get loose? He lives 190 km from me, I think the post office would drive it to him.
  5. they all have the same size except the last one, which is not corrupt... I'll download them 1 by 1 and try to do extract after each file. Yes, it's 39x900 MB, but I can download 1 file in 15 mins or so
  6. I've downloaded 39 900MB files. When I open the archive, winrar says about the 39th rar file: Winrar: unexpected end of archive I redownloaded this file 2x but still get the error. Is there a way I can find out which file is corrupted without having to download everything again?
  7. Does it work in a different browser? Do you use wireless internet?
  8. You can test the microphone with a radio/other computer/etc to see if it works like it should.
  9. So now you can boot into ubuntu? It seems there is nothing wrong with the keyboard, it's more likely a motherboard / software issue that your keyboard doesn't work. You could try going back to an older BIOS. Since you are able to open the laptop, did you see any signs of damage? Was it dropped? You could check the Toshiba website for a FAQ on this model (I can't find this model on the US website).
  10. System restore only has 2 items, yesterday and the day before. I always keep that low.
  11. What performance can I expect when I play a 1080p @60 fps video from an external USB 2.0 hard disk? This is the info VLC gives on that file: I notice the input bitrate stays under 20000 kb/s. Question 2: Would cheap HD media players be able to play this file easily through USB? Thank you!
  12. I'm cleaning up my 50 GB C: drive but I'm having some issues: 1 When I go to C: and "select all" (including hidden folders), it says I use 35 GB. According to windows my drive is 45 GB, but it says I have 2 GB free. So what about the 8 GB difference? 2 I found out most of my space is in c:\programdata and users\appdata. Is there a way to auto-clear out these folders? If not, windows sucks because everyone has this folder! I'm already using ccleaner. Thanks!
  13. 1 Can you go to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc en open the file hosts with notepad, post the contents here. In this file you can set where you want websites to go to, for example you can set pcpitstop.com to go to whatever.com. 2 IE is now at version 8, you should normally always update to the last version (although updating won't fix the issue).
  14. 1 On the Dell website, see if there are any soundcard/motherboard updates for your computer. 2 Reinstall the sound driver anyway (should/could be on the Dell website/Dell CD) 3 Is the loss of sound triggered by anything (specific program/action) or is it random? 4 When you don't have sound anymore, go to control panel>sound>sound devices and see if everything is ok there.
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