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  1. Not so sure that it is a sticky button now. The laptop screen was going between the desktop and the black screen this morning. While it was doing that I was hitting the mouse buttons and keys on the keyboard and the screen fixed itself. I have no idea what is going on!
  2. I've found a service manual for the laptop online. I'll see if it is shown in there. That's odd, though, there is no switch visible! I've never seen a laptop without one on the outside.
  3. I don't think the OS crahes because I get beeps and what not from hitting keys. I'll have to hook it up to an external and see if I see anything. Might help with troubleshooting. I'm thinking, like you, that it could be a video driver issue. There is no updated driver, though, and this is the only driver I've ever had for this laptop. I have the laptop set to "Do Nothing" when I close the lid.
  4. I thought the same thing with the button except for two things: 1. I can't find the button. I think possibly the button is depressed by one of the latches when the lid closes. 2. Sometimes the screen isn't blank. It flips between the desktop and a blank screen. Button only has two states. On or off.
  5. I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 that is acting a little goofy. I close the lid of the laptop and when I open it up the screen is black or it switched between the desktop and a black screen. The problem is intermittant. The BIOS is up to date and all my drivers seem to be up to date also. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. I'm not sure sure that is the issue, seeing it showed I have connectivity. Even if the port is bad, though, I'd have to a new modem. I old modem totally crapped out on me and they wouldn't do anything for me. They said the warranty is only one year. I had to go to Best Buy and buy a new one for almost $100.
  7. Well, I change my workgroup to system on both laptops and nothing. Still the same thing. I connected my wireless laptop directly to the DSL modem and the same crap. I did notice something odd, though. When I was connected directly to the DSL modem with the wireless laptop I disabled the wireless but when I did that both laptops wouldn't connect to the internet even though they both showed being connected!!! Once I enabled the wireless again on the one laptop than I was able to access the internet again. Bizarre. Also, I believe I did see a checkbox to make the share private but this was
  8. Aren't there policies in place where you can ask for a website to be "unlocked" if you can prove it is for work purposes?
  9. I'm using XP, though. I don't believe there is a Public/Private switch.
  10. Thanks for the ideas. I'll give both of them a whirl. Both of the workgroup names are the same. I don't know why they aren't seeing each other any more. I made sure of that and even retyped them for both computers. I lost my wireless connection and when the connection came back neither computer could see each other. Very frustrating!!
  11. Hi all, I'm having a networking issues. I have a wired laptop and a wireless laptop. I was able to see each computer on my network but now all of a sudden I can't see them. I can get to the internet on both laptops but I can't see each other from the other computer. I disabled the firewalls on both laptops and still nothing. I can't figure out what the heck is going on. Hopefully you guys can get this working for me. Thanks.
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