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    I am a busy guy, I work a full time position and work 5 days a week. I love to watch movies, and walk in the summertime. Although the best times are had with my main squeeze Kathy. I am so glad I found her in my life, she is my other half and love her to death. Even though I dont show it sometimes, deep inside I would never want to be without her. She is now my Fiancee as of Sept 17th 2011! I have an associates degree in Computer Information Systems/Network Administration. I play games on the PC and PS2 when I have time. And once in awhile go out to bowl, if a friend drags me out of the house. I like to watch Lots of TV, so yeah I am a couch Potato. SO What, thats why I got a comfy couch. I will go out to the bar once in awhile with a friend or two when the mood strikes me, but I dont do it often. So yeah I am busy, but who aint in this world? Later All. *peace*

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  1. Posted this the other day but it didnt stay on the board. Try 2 Windows Service Pack CheckSecurityUpdate Service PackClear IE CachePerformance62 MBDefragment File (Drive C:)Performance775Defragment Drive C:Performance34%Reduce System Restore CapacityPerformance13734 MBDisable Firefox Saved PasswordsSecurityEnabled Subsystem Description Specification PC Pitstop Active X Build 211 Browser MSIE 8.0 System OS Windows XP Home SP2 System OS Install Date 1/4/2011 12:37:31 PM System Make Compaq Pres
  2. So since I have redone and taken out adobe flash and put it back in, it has gotten worse! Yes worse! It is starting to elevate to not even playing the video in the small screen correctly at times. Especially if it is a live feed. I tried mozilla and chrome and yes tried to separate install for each chrome says it is up to date and mozilla took the add-on update and now this is happening. I dont see it as being monitor. I seriously wonder what the heck it is. Now I know there was a program that you guys had us run if we were experiencing a virus or w/e and showed everything running and pc
  3. Funny thing is it has done the full screen before. So what has changed is beyond me. So I know it will do it, its just getting it to do it again. Graphics card is: Chip type: SIS 760 DAC Type= Internal Memory Size 64mb Bios Info: 0.99.00 Adapter String Mirage 2 Driver Date 10/26/2010 Driver Version I run at 1024 x 768 32 Bit Color Monitor is HP VS15 Flat Screen Thanks Bart
  4. I have done a search for these drivers for the onboard video card. And it seems mine is newer than what I am finding by doing a google search. I can put what the driver is and the version when I come home tonight, maybe I am missing something. Uninstalled and reinstaleld adobe flash, and still the same problem. I am sure it is something simple I am over looking. Any other suggestions?
  5. Hey crew I am back with a problem that is not necessarily a huge deal, but mainly annoying. I am using my fiancee's older Compaq Presario PC. AMD Sempron 3100+, 2 GB Memory, 60 GB Hardrive, and a secondary hardrive. All the rest of the hardware is factory except for addition of a wireless card and adding more memory to make it 2 gigabytes. Yes I am using onboard video, but this hasnt been a problem in the past. I am running Windows XP Service Pack 2. Cant install three due to the rolling boot issue that is known for this model, (and yes it will do it). Anyways, main problem is this.
  6. I had to use a different download link for libre and it finally installed. So I guess I will try that out. Thanks for all your guys help. I appreciate every one of you. Bart
  7. August 31, 2011">I disabled AVG Antivirus and IO Care (on a whim) and I came up with the same error message. I will try to redownload libre and see what happens. Keep ya posted. Any other ideas? Want me to post my system info again? Bart
  8. I actually have the paid version of it. And yeah I agree it has become more bloated as time has moved on with it. I will try and see what I can do tonight, if I am in the mood. Right now I am not. But I will try either tonight or tomorrow evening. Got to see whats going on. Thanks for the suggestions. Bart.
  9. Running AVG. Internet Security 2011. I can definitely try that this evening. Thanks Bart
  10. This was open office I tried to put on again. Maybe I misread you with open office. I can try redownloading the other one also. Jeff
  11. August 29, 2011">Still broke. Followed your instructions. and then uninstalled it again using revo. Uploaded screenshot. Bart
  12. Thanks Joe, I will see if I can grab some time tonight or possibly tomorrow night to try that. and see what happens. Bart.
  13. The only one I have ever had on it since I redid the OS sometime ago was openoffice. I have done incremental upgrades to it in between, and even those are far and few inbetween. Just one day I brought up my resume, tried to make a ltitle change to it and crashed and since then no matter what I brought up it would just exit out and crash. I have no idea what caused it. Thought I'd try the other suggestions they had here, and no go. I am confused. lol Bart
  14. I have always loved cyberacoustics speakers. But I am not sure if they make the bigger systems anymore. If they do, I believe you will like the,. I have had the same set for like 5 years and they still pound. http://www.cyberacoustics.com Thank you, Bart.
  15. Alright, sounds like a plan. You guys helped me through this weird crap before on my machine. Why I get these bizarre problems I do not know. I can uninstall and install other software fine. Just office alternatives seem to be the sticklers. Let me know what the next step is. I am think hijackthis. But I need the instructions again. I will get it on here as soon as possible. May be a few days, as life is busier than a beaver building a damn again. Bart
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