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  1. Well..After I thought it was all gone it appears back today. It just doesn't want to go away. Tried everything listed and still comes back. Any other opinions on what I could do?
  2. Thanks! Thats something I was looking for.
  3. Thanks, Just ran the program and noticed it detected stuff Adaware did not. And yes, I have heard it. Great isn't it
  4. I havent even had this new hard drive for more than a day and its already loaded with spyware, I delete it with adaware and it just keeps comeing back. Adaware doesnt seem to be doing the job so what else is there that will eliminate spy/adware? I can't take this anymore And its loading my desktop with tons of spyware icons.
  5. Anyone know of a good website that tests your firewall? Thank you.
  6. This is where I would go to blow a few thou an a laptop. http://www.go-l.com/laptops/ Only reason I would buy a laptop from them is because I love how there laptops look
  7. Do you hear any beep codes when starting for those 2 seconds? My computer sometime does the same thing(starts for 2 secs then shuts off) What I usually do to fix that problem is unplug the power cable to the power supply and wait about 5-10 minutes.. Usually turns right on then, I don't know if this would work in your situation but you can give it a try. Thing I dont get is how a heatsink could prevent your computer from starting up.. Sorry I could really help ya on this one.
  8. Alienwares are just waaaay to expensive, Only thing I would acutally buy from them is a laptop.. If you know how to build your own comps then do that instead.. sometimes you can find those really nice alienware cases on ebay if thats what your looking for..
  9. Shouldn't be hard at all really, I moved alot of systems into different cases with ease.
  10. Just want to add a update here, I did a system restore and it got PC Cillin working fine, Just not sure if IE is working correctly yet(had to sign in at places but dont know if it still signs me out after a minute or two) Also, before I did the system restore I noticed my date on my clock was set at 2080, Seems it messed up a bunch of stuff at the time, seems to be working fine now but as I said not sure exactly.
  11. I think so, Dont remember the monitor ever getting tested results, Heres the image of 3 of the 4 error messages I get when I start up, This are not really bothering me but what is, is this IE stuff, keeps loging me out of the websites im signed into every other minute, Driveing me crazy CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ERROR MESSAGES EDIT: it was already installed, just was dissconnected for the time And nothing about print spooler.
  12. That was a test I did earlier today when all was working well.. heres the current one I just did.. You know whats funny though, when im haveing problems the pit score goes over 1000 http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...H4ZAWLX4PNSNVJ3 Theres the new test ^ I tried rebooting and no luck, I'll restart now and post the error message then.
  13. Heres the test... EDIT: Disgard that test.. that was a old one..
  14. Well, I went to go plug my printer in one of my USB ports when it was on and then my screen just went blank, So restarted it and now Im running into a bunch of problems, First off. When Windows firsts logs in I get some weird error(Forgot what it said sorry know this would probably help) And my PC cillin Antivirus no longer is working, I get a bunch of errors when I start up my computer about it But it just happend out of the blue, Also another problem Im haveing is with IE, Everytime I visit a website I have to re-enter all the info to sign in, instead of it remembering the info, I know this
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