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    packard bell 80g hd sky broadband wireless router
  1. - just realised i have winsockx on the machine already, i've ran it but still getting the same message. i can input the ip addresses in the properties but it just reverts back to "obtain an ip address automatically" and blanking out the bits i filled in
  2. i can't access the web though, i'm currently using my works samsung tablet
  3. hi, i tried that but it is saying "An internal error occurred: The operation completed successfully, please contact microsoft ........................... Unable to open registry key for tcpip"
  4. Hi, i'm far from a pc expert so any help would be greatly appreciated. I've got a wireless router from Sky, its working fine (wii is online ok) but i can't get onto teh internet/email on my pc. I've re-installed the adapter and that appears to be working fine. I've called Sky who told me to go into connection propertiies/ internet protocol proerties and click on "use the following IP address) and fill in the details. I've done this but my pc just blanks these out again and defaults back to Obtain an IP address automatically. oh i'm on windows xp. thanks in anticipation
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