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  1. I have tried using our phone a while ago but it didn't affect my connection. Could it be that my vista sets my connection to standby automatically? Do vista have such kind of setting to save energy?
  2. Thanks for the reply but I don't think the wireless card causes this cause I just bought this laptop. I have tried wired connection, unlike the wireless connection, it is very much stable. I have noticed that if I am not using my laptop for some time, it disconnects from the internet. Once I refreshed it, it automatically connects. But I am also wondering if this is really the cause since at times I am constantly accessing the net but it disconnects and then connects instantly.
  3. I am having problems regarding my internet connection. It frequently connects and disconnects from the internet. I don't think it is because of our router because we have other computers and it doesn't happen to those. I am using wireless connection. I think it is because of the OS. My laptop which is Vista is having this problem but my other laptop which is XP doesn't have this problem. My laptop which is Vista is a Lenovo 3000 G230 and the other is IBM Thinkpad. All ideas on what causes this and suggestions on how to solve this are all appreciated.
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