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  1. I was in one a little over a month ago. I bought one of the two 32gb micro SD cards they had in the store. I asked them why so empty and they told me that with the Covid crisis they were having a hard time getting stuff delivered but it was finally starting to come in. Sounds like that was wishful thinking.
  2. Thank you. It was good thinking not to waste a birthday wish until you determined that I had actually survived the momentous entry into the sexagenarian fellowship. At this age, everyday is a roll of the dice.
  3. https://www.crucial.com/compatible-upgrade-for/acer/aspire-7-a717-72g Scroll down and it will reccomend SSD drives. You might try running tweakng.com All in one repair tool and see if it helps. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/windows-repair-all-in-one/
  4. http://printer-customer-support.hatenablog.com/entry/disable-low-ink-warning-canon-printer
  5. try tying "Touchpad" instead of mouse.
  6. Not really funny... but entertaining. Just going for a Sunday Drive after Christmas.
  7. Were you aware that Farmville is going away at the end of the year? https://www.komando.com/news/farmville-is-ending/757007/
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