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  1. I would try getting rid of that prefferred IP address: "Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . :" If the gateway is, then dhcp should assign you somewhere in that network. I'm not an expert in this, but I don't know why you would ever show a preffered IP starting with 169. From the an article here: https://www.uswitch.com/broadband/guides/what-is-an-ip-address/
  2. Is it possible they changed some settings when they fired back up? For example: If they were running on, say 192.168.1.XX and, for some reason were now on 192.168.0.xx - if your laptop was on automatic, it would adjust to the "new" network, dhcp would give it a new IP, and away you go. However, if your desktop had an IP preference set, it would refuse to recognize the "new" network and would not be able to communicate with dhcp to get an IP address - which would mean your system wouldn't be able to configure the IP. Perhaps you could open a command prompt. type ipcon
  3. I had assumed that. Well. Those are all of the easy things to try. Next would be your IP address. On that same status page, part way down, it should say "Change your network settings". Just below that it should say "Change adapter settings". Click on that. That should bring up a list of your network adapters. At minimum you should have "local connection" (that will be where you hook up your ethernet cable) and a wireless network connection. Obviously that is the one we want. Double click on it to bring up it's status page. in the lower left click on
  4. I believe you already tried clicking on the troubleshooting button on the status page. Correct? If it found nothing to fix, then lets try something fairly simple. Reboot your router and your computer and see if they can find each other starting fresh.
  5. WI-FI is always wireless. The WI part is short for wireless. By definition you aren't connected to WI-FI when you are connected to the router with a hard wire. All of that being said... I think we get what you mean. You are unable to connect to your router - and therefore the internet- utilizing the WI-FI. A couple of questions... When you were in the device manager, did you see any yellow exclamation points? Any red X's? Any down arrows? Any unknown devices? Does your computer "see" the WI-FI signal? Go to settings>Network& Inter
  6. Some of you have never been to Portland, Oregon. Only in Portland does Darth Vader ride a unicycle while wearing a kilt and playing flaming bagpipes.
  7. Ccleaner is the only one I've ever used...and it isn't something I use much
  8. Back in the 80's, I was a big fan of Norton Utilities. I've never liked Symentec/Norton Antivirus. I've heard that it has gotten better in recent years... but I'm unlikely to give it a try. I know this answer isn't exactly what you asked for... but in my opinion... if you were even slightly satisfied with Norton - you're going to love PCMatic. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not a customer of PCMatic. I do know a little about it and know a few of the folks who work there. I suspect that if you choose to go with them, you will find their customer service totally exceptio
  9. I find it barely believable that anyone in America could exceed the age of 5 or 6 without hearing "In the air tonight", but I find this video of Generation Z discovering Phil Collins - hilarious.
  10. The top folder is for sure a backup folder, and the next one is an image backup. It appears these were made with windows backup on, probably, a windows 7 system. What I don't understand is. you say you backup daily and that top folder hasn't been modified in nearly a year. From this, I conclude that you changed how you do backups last October. My guess is that since then your "new" procedure is backing up somewhere else... not on this drive - unless you are backing up in your quicken 2020 folder. I suspect that if you check the settings for whatever program you are using to ba
  11. Got it. All of my relatives are from Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, or Oklahoma - so I'm completely conversant with "fixin" as meaning "getting ready to" or "about to". I also understand that "ginna" = gonna. Fina is a new one to me. I supposed I should have been able to figure it out...but I just couldn't seem to put the pieces together. Thanks. Here is an interesting video, that seems obvious to me as every expression in here is used regularly with the people around me (except for "catty cornered". We say "kitty cornered".) and we are in the NorthWest rather th
  12. Need a little help here... I don't get it. Maybe I'm too old and this is a young punk joke.
  13. I've only had Windows 10 for a few months. I've had a total of Zero problems with it so far. Seems to be fast and stable. I really drug my feet moving from Windows 7 (which I also liked), but so far have found Windows 10 to be a better system. However, I've not tried to fold on any of them.
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