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  1. My first question is... did you purposefully choose to participate with Zoom Info? That program is Zoom Info Contact Contributor. If you choose to be a part of Zoom Info Community, which allows you to search the data they have collected, you install this program that attaches to your Microsoft Outlook program and uploads all of your contacts to them from your Outlook account as well as G suites. That is the price of admission. If you want to access their data, you must provide them all of yours. Besides a webcrawler that searches the internet (like on forums) to scrub email addresses that OPs may have inadvertantly posted, they pool the contact information of all of their users. That is how they get their data. If you don't want them to have access to all of your contacts, then I wouldn't fix it. I'd remove it. You do that by going into your programs and uninstal Zoom Info Contact Contributor.
  2. I've never used PaperPort, but I understand that FileCenter DMS is very similiar. https://www.filecenterdms.com/filecenter-overview.html
  3. I guess we are here because we like the people here... even if we have nothing to do with PCMatic.
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