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  1. We do not have that program installed. We use Kaspersky Internet Security, and we have a good handful of other programs installed. There is no indication Kaspersky is blocking ActiveX anymore--we told it that PC Pitstop is trusted. What else might cause these problems?
  2. Thanks for the welcome! As you pointed out, we are new to the Pit. Where is the helpdesk, and how do we locate the information on PC Matic once we get there? Thanks for the help--we appreciate it!
  3. We have two major questions about PC Matic. 1. We would like to at least test PC Matic, but it never completes; we get a message when we open it to install ActiveX, and then it runs through and including the Internet test and delivers this message: "We're sorry. An error occurred processing the page you requested.//Details of this error are being sent to our staff for analysis. We apologize for the inconvenience. (1)/Many problems in testing can be resolved by visiting our troubleshooting page./If you have questions, please visit our support forums at http://support.pcpitstop.com."
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