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  1. Thanks a bunch guy, and for the quick response!
  2. What is the more secure WiFi connection, WPA or WPA2??? Thanks in advance with your help!
  3. OK, your only using your multiplier to OC, and it fails at 4.0GHz in Prime95, regardless of your voltage setting....is that correct? Is there a CPU VTT voltage setting in your bios? If there is, then try bumping that up a little. If not, then I would reconsider the heat issue. Try blowing cooler air into your case to get 4.0GHz to run stable, so you can rule out a heat issue. I don't think so!
  4. dido! Dual channel will always perform better than single channel. Plus if your going with 8Gb's of memory, your best off with dual channel. Not really sure why you'd want to make your memory run slower?
  5. A quick and easy thing to check, it to just replace the battery for your bios! If it wont even post, then there's a good chance that your bios battery is toast!
  6. If your system is running good, and you've noticed nothing else acting up, then I would do a system restore, to a time when this problem didn't occur! If there are some other strange things going on, you should run Malware Bytes.
  7. I've read, on other forums, that once the temp gets to 50C (or over), it becomes unstable. So you might wanna try a better cpu cooler?
  8. If it was me, & a repair failed, I would do a clean install. But I'll let Tom instruct you on what to do. I'm thinking you may have more going on than just some corrupted files! If you choose to do a clean install, and that fails, I'll chime back in. Good luck.
  9. Here's the folder that Make a disk will be in (red circle)
  10. Yes, just copy all of those files onto a floppy disk, and thats what you will need when prompted to hit F6 to load 3rd party drivers.
  11. You still need to make a floppy disk with your nVidia raid drivers, and after you do that, you can give this a read. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/helpandsupport/learnmore/tips/doug92.mspx
  12. OK, are you booting up with the Windows XP disk? When it starts to load, at the bottom of the screen, it will say to hit F6 to load 3rd party drivers. Did you make the floppy required to load the raid drivers? Also, you want to use the Nvidia Raid controller, and not the Jmicron controller. So the floppy you make will need the nVidia Raid drivers on it. This should all be on the Motherboards CD.
  13. This is because when windows starts to load, you need to load the Raid drivers. Otherwise, windows will not see a Raid array. Use your Motherboards drivers CD and in there, there will be a program called make a disk. This is to make a floppy with the raid drivers. It will be in the Drivers section of the CD. You need this floppy, with the raid drivers to do a XP repair, from the XP CD. You will need to hit F6 when prompted, to install any 3rd party drivers, and then it will look at your floppy drive, and you will choose the drivers, and then OK. Also, when you do this, you don't wa
  14. Well, with having both of those tests confirm that you have no bad sectors, I'd have to say that something else is making the noise. But that guide that poru posted, is very good and straight forward! Now that your saying you can see your cpu usage go up to 40% to 80%, that will cause your heatsink fan to spin up to full speed. Thats if you have it set to Quiet operation, and not full duty. If it's a bad fan, then thats an easy fix, and possibly a blessing! You can now upgrade to a better fan, and get better cpu cooling. Is the heatsink on your cpu, the Intel original cooler that
  15. The noise is coming from your drive, but not due to it spinning faster. It's platter is becoming unstable for some reason, something is wearing out, exactly what, I couldn't tell you. Most likely some bearings, or the reader arm, but thats just guessing. So you downloaded "Data Lifeguard Diagnostic" and it passed? The next thing I would do is double click on My Computer and right click on your Drive C and select Properties, and then click on the tab labeled Tools. Then do a disk check. Click on error checking, and in the pop up box, check both boxes, and then Start. It will prompt yo
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