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  1. I was reffering to backing up data i have on the laptop HDD. Even though i have no problem with towers i haven't tried to mess with my laptop yet.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I haven't tried to take apart the laptop so far (my dvdr drive is busted and can't backup anything) so until i get an external HDD i won't be taking any chances. My main question is why the fan stays slow even when overheating and speeds up only when switching modes (to the slower ones). I know the air duct could be obstructed by dust but still i dont see how that would interfere with fan speed. EDIT:UPDATE: At last i found a program that shows the real cpu temps.. at normal browsing etc (0-10% load) the cpus are at 55-60c , after 3 mins of playing a cpu intensive game the max recorded was 87c. This is really worrying.
  3. Hello guys, I really hope you can help me with this problem i'm having with my latop. I'm using an LG S1 Pro Express Dual laptop (t7200 processor(s), x1600 256mb, 100gb hd,2gb ddr2 667mhz) on Win XP Pro SP2. I noticed some months ago some serious overheating issues. It seems that the cause is that no air is blowing out of the side and that the fan speed is constant (slow)! LG has software to change the fan settings (silent mode (slow),normal (medium), and cool mode (fast)) but they do not work! Sometimes if i switch from cool to normal the fan speeds up for a while, the only time i heard the fan really speed up was couple of seconds before shutdown after i overheated it a bit (to see if its a software issue) but havent been able to replicate it. Some history and things i've tried: -Bought in Jan 2007 -Replaced blown speakers in 2008 EDIT: At an LG authorised technician -Haven't formatted -Probably has 2 years worth of dust in it -EDIT: I vacuumed once the air duct on the side 2 months ago but it didnt help at all -All drivers up to date (had to use Omega drivers for video card) -Checked for malware with ActiveScan,NOD32,SpyBot,MBAM,Exterminate2 and nothing was found -The laptop restarted once from overheating Thanks in advance
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