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  1. Dear kd5, I've never been a fan of Spybot S&D's real-time protection agent. I would only use Spy bot to remediation infections that were pre-existing, and would never enable a real-time with such a lousy monitor. For a balance of remediation and real-time protection, I recommend A-Squared anti-malware solution. Another option that is much more similar to Spy bot is Ad-Aware. Hope it helps. Respectfully, Jeffery
  2. Its my system, Hence its not invading privacy. I will be making the privacy policy very visible, both upon sucessfull logon, and as a note on the monitor. Can you recomend any peticular software. I have tried many different applications, however some of them were unethical and were sending reports to the programmer or a third party.
  3. I am a system administrative of a somewhat shared PC. I would like to know what users, are viewing what. I've recently had alot of network issues, due to a trojan dropper & downloader witch I believe was intentional. So, how could I log this activity? Sites viewed Keyloggs Yahoo, MSN, Pidgin conversasions Windows executed Run comands executed Control panel actions other Those would all be nice. I don't want to intrude privacy, nor input malicious software onto my system.
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