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  1. open network connections right click on your connrction type and choose status the numbers chane you are online. if the numbers dont increase your offlone
  2. sounds loke your laptop is trying to connect to your home router. it may take time for the routers dhcp server to hand out an ip address. sometimes it can get stuck, possably a microwave oven was turned on to heat up a snack, wich can cause loss of wireless and bluetooth. if 30secnds doesent connect, take the card/usb out and reconnect. if you can, wired at home really does work faster, and less prone to noise of machines
  3. there are now evdo routers to take 3g wireless cell phone modems to connect to to give you wired and wireless access, as long as your cell phone has a decent signal. search for evdo 3g or cell routers
  4. the question can be answered best with what applications are being run at the same time. well, I am guessing she is firing up a p2p file sharing program. or watching videos / utube. the short is possably. from the router itself. linksys does have the ability on Qos area to spcific priority on each port. hi/med/low priority, but not for wireless. if its an older modem, it may be time to replace the router. would recommend d-link over linksys, over belkin. the 10/100/1000 routers are now around $100 but are worth it.
  5. when I had dialup, part of the solution was to replace existing telephone wire with new, when possable, also make sure its a new cable from the modem to the junction box where the phone comes in. make sure you have line maintence on your phoneline. call up and say you here pops on the line. thay will check it. ask for a tech to come out and test it. I had 2 lines, one connected at 57,600 one at 24,400 it seamd some run from the phone co itself had issues. Do not talk about modem speed, thay are not responciable about that, and you will be stuck again. pops in the line noise will get a tach out to check. thay can then possable change a few thins from their end
  6. have you tested the bandwith? most 54mbps ususally tops out at 21mbps bandwitth sounds like your notebook cant connect to the n mode, wich is typical from one brand to another at this time, check for firmware updates on laptop wireless and ruter wireless. if you want more bandwith from 15ft apart, how about a 25ft cable. sounds backwards, but usually works better.
  7. do you have enough ram? press alt ctrl del is your pf usage less then half, if not your upgrade is half done, you need more memory. is your cpu usage less than 25% if not, your processor may not have enough power for vista. my money is on the memory, it gets overlooked when installing new os. Ive seen xp run with 128meg ram, it cralled.
  8. wireless is nice, wired is still better, ebay sells what ever length you need of ethernet at great price. at xmas I looked at laptop wireless cards. the reviews Ive seen, Dlink Xtream n dwa-652 was the top of the line. followed by dlink products followed linksys and belken last. since then I talked to a perosn who was incharge of a city wide wireless and thay said ubiquiti makes great distance G adapters. From what Ive seen keep in mind the output power 300 to 500mA and the sencitivity of the reciever -100db -120db is better. most products are now 10/100/1000 capable, older standard is 10/100. cat5e or cat6 going 150-200ft will give you better speed. I forgot the website, but you can make your own foil reflectors for the router antenna, may help alittle.
  9. you probally bought a swich at your local store before talking to computer assistant, and that a switch is cheeper than a router. the router has more brains behind it than a switch. a switch is great, for connecting computers to computers. you need a router to connect multiple computers to the internet. it seams the dhcp server of your cable company is only allowing 2 ip addresses, you will need a router wich has its own dhcp server built in to creat a buffer from the cable/dsl line to your multiple computers. dsl or cable modem -> router -> switches for adaitional computers. most routers will have 4 ports, for 4 computers or devices, if you run out of ports, swiches will allow aditional ports to be attached.
  10. avast home is a great free virus scanner. is zone alarm or other firewall on? run both malwarebytes and spybot search and destroy
  11. on the back of the router, there is a small hole. that is the reset button inside. use a toothpick. and with the power on, use the toothpick and press that button for 10 seconds. remove the toothpick, give the router time to reboot. the router will be at its factory settings. use the install manual or online install procedure.
  12. lust a thought check your ram usage. press CTRL ALT DEL and look at the preformance tab. if your PF usage graph is 1/2 or more your computer may have a lack of ram. also see if your cpu usage is less than 25% have you cleaned internet explorer cash lately? <start> <control pannel> <internet options> under brousing history press <delete> then delete files, cookies, history, next start, programs, acessories, system tools, disk cleenup. then do drive C, after a bit, click on all boxes listed, and then continue. you can also search for freeware applet "startup .cpl" wich will allow under control pannel give you a startup option that can monitor and stop programs from starting up when computer boots. the less needed the more ram u can have freed up
  13. well with 24 computers, sounds like a business, he may not have access to the router, so your repeted the same question did not help. it could be hardware, nic card going bad, ethernet cable that needs to be repaired. (check the back of the computer to see if the green yellow lights are on when the interuption occures. if lights go out, replace the computer ethernet cable, network card, possably the router cable. may need to contact the it department for this. spyware infected. spybot search and destroy, malwarebytes
  14. the only thing I dislike is the connector is usb only and not available as ethernet, wich means you have to have your computer on 24/7 with vonage you get a branded linksys adapter, and can plug in into a router and be done with it, if you turn off your computer (save $$ on electricity) you still get and make calls. Magic jack is a great Idea for laptops who need to make calls, or scheduled in recieving calls. I had vonage, for a few years, was ok. I needed more potability, so we went with alltel prepaid, now being bought out by verison. with prepaid, now its $0.75 a day, unlimited texts, unlimited nights and weekends starting at 9pm. for me and my wife, we needed unlimited texts, and low monthly bill. calls are at $0.10/min untill 9pm but thats not a problem, we tell people to text when possable. works for us
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