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  1. Hi Tx.- Yes a long time indeed.  Very sad to hear of losing folks from the site. All those years ago when I first joined it was a busy busy place and Gator was public enemy number 1.  Now there are multi threats to us all on line that security becomes like that at Fort Knox or the Bank of England.  All good stuff though and its good to be back.  Doubt if I'm any wiser than I was previously but I enjoy the chats.. Of to have a look and see who is still around then.


  2. Hello. Just recently came back to the Pit and was really rattled to hear about YKs demise. He was a good friend to me over the years with help and tips on getting the best out of my computer and my involvement in the forums.  So sad to hear about this and can only send my condolences and best wishes to the family.  Sad regrets.  beau.☹️

  3. Look closer my friends :tup: The guy is up to his shoulder inside the elephant's rear and his head and the left side of his body is turned away from the camera and the head is partially hidden by the tail and its stump. It is not inside the elephants back passage :lol::lol::lol:


    Beau B)

  4. Scotland here :) no snow on the east of central Scotland worth talking about. Usual places like the Lecht and the Cockbridge to Tomintoul roads in the highlands are blocked but that happens every year anyway.


    Biggest talking point has been how badly England coped with the snow. Radio 2 this morning the comment was made that the snow managed to do what the Luftwaffe in WW2 didn't manage to do - stop the buses in London running.


    Nigsy - excellent pictures - especially for Devon - good stuff -hope the young un enjoys himself.


    I have a 60 mile round trip to work each day and the snow hasn't been a problem - hoping Thursday's snow is a bit better!


    Beau B)

  5. Hi Bear, not sure if that would work. Do you mean put the whole IE7 into trusted sites? Don't know how to and don't know where to. Surely if I move IE7 it will only take the problem with it?


    Here is the report I get if I keep trying to link whilst that annoying message keeps poppoing up..



    There was a problem logging onto your mail server. Your Password was rejected. Account: 'POP.virgin.net (1)', Server: 'POP.virgin.net', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR Mailbox Temporarily Unavailable - Please try again later', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC92


    Now I've had the same password to link my internet on for years and never had this problem before, I've done adaware and AGV scans as well as spybot with all the newest definitions etc, and Hijack this. I'm not 100% on hijack but I think I know enough to work my way through all it produces.


    I can find nothing to cause this problem.


    beau. :unsure:

  6. Hi folks, I can get onto the internet ok but when I try and open my e-mails I keep getting a log on error stating I need to enter my user name and password. I've done this numerous times but it just doesn't want to recognise me at all. It is the same for the rest of the familys' accounts as well. Anyone able to help me sort this out? It is the basic IE7 set up I have and apart from the occasional glitch it normally works okay.




    Beau B)


    Addendum:- I seem to have fixed it by doing a system restore. Not sure if I've actually cleared anything or just moved it aside for the meantime. Perhaps one of you folks who are more knowledgable about these things can let me know?




    beau ;)B)

  7. Bruce - Hi! So sorry to hear about the passing of your father. Many years ago, my Grandmother gave me a bible on the death of my father; and in it she had placed a piece of card with the word "Mizpah" on it. She said I should look it up in the bible when I found time - as she thought it would help me in times such as this.


    I pass that on to you now Bruce and also add in the verse it gives in the bible; I hope it gives you comfort in this time of need - as it did for me back then.



    Genesis 31:49 And Mizpah; for he said, The LORD watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another.





    beau :(

  8. Bruce -if it is any help, I started using Champix tablets at the start of the year and stopped smoking on the 14th January and have been smoke free since. The course of tablets my GP gave me lasted for just under 5 months and I haven't looked back since.


    They are not nicotine replacement tablets they kill the urge for smoking altogether over the first 2 weeks and then suppress it after that for as long as it takes. By the way at the end of the two weeks you will not like the taste of cigarettes or even the smell of them.


    I wish you and your good lady all success in this. :tup::tup::tup:


    beau B)

  9. Yep - far too many good song lyrics out there - here's hoping this thread captures a good few of them :clap:


    Here's one of my favourites from way back by Family:-


    "The Weaver's Answer"

    Weaver of life, let me look and see

    The pattern of my life gone by

    Shown on your tapestry

    Just for one second, one glance upon your loom

    The flower of my childhood could appear within this room

    Does it of my youth show tears of yesterday

    Broken hearts within a heart as love first came my way


    Did the lifeline patterns change as I became a man

    An added aura untold blends as I asked for her hand

    Did your golden needle sow its thread virginal white

    As lovers we embraced as one upon our wedding night


    Did you capture all the joys, the birth of our first son

    The happiness of family made a brother for the one

    The growing of the brothers, the manliness that grew

    Is it there in detail, is it there to view

    Do the sparks of life grow bright as one by one they wed

    To live as fathers, husbands, apart from lives they've led


    Are my lover's threads cut off when aged she laid to rest

    My sorrow blacking out a space upon our woven crest

    A gathering for the last time as her coffin slowly lain

    Ash to ashes, dust to dust, one day we will regain

    Does it show the visits when grandchildren on my knee

    But only hearing laughter when age took my sight from me


    Lastly through these last few years of loniless maybe

    Does by sight a shooting star fade from your tapestry

    But wait, there in the distance your loom I think I see

    Could it be that after all my prayers you've answered me

    After days of wondering I see the reason why

    You've kept it to this minute for I'm about to die


    Weaver of life, at last now I can see

    The pattern of my life gone by upon your tapestry


    beau B)

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