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  1. Hi Tx.- Yes a long time indeed. Very sad to hear of losing folks from the site. All those years ago when I first joined it was a busy busy place and Gator was public enemy number 1. Now there are multi threats to us all on line that security becomes like that at Fort Knox or the Bank of England. All good stuff though and its good to be back. Doubt if I'm any wiser than I was previously but I enjoy the chats.. Of to have a look and see who is still around then. Beau
  2. Hello. Just recently came back to the Pit and was really rattled to hear about YKs demise. He was a good friend to me over the years with help and tips on getting the best out of my computer and my involvement in the forums. So sad to hear about this and can only send my condolences and best wishes to the family. Sad regrets. beau.
  3. All done Dickster Hope all are doing well here - been a while again since I last stopped in. Beau
  4. Way to go BJ Congratulations and good luck. Beau
  5. The PIT is different now from what it used to be - I was a member before 2003 but lost my post count etc when the site went bottoms up and we all had to re-register. Over the years I doubt if I have contributed much to helping others fix their computers on anything other than the bare basics - but I've added my twopennyworth. What exactly has changed? Hmmmm - lots of things! The people who are now admins etc are a different breed from the originals or they have evolved into something different from what they were. Has that been through choice or because they felt the newer admins were bringing - or offering something better - I don't know. What I do feel has become worse over time - is the level of leniency afforded to posters of all ages and types, no matter what their creed or beliefs may be. I think it was my pal Mouse who said in her post that a dose of thick skin wouldn't go down wrong (or something to that effect). There seems to be a tendency to adopt the moral high ground by many and a sufference for particular posters to be still accorded leeway in what comments they make about others in the open forum, with no visible sign of them being warned off by admins as most of us are or have been at times. From my observations, this seems to be a bias that favours certain posters. Another thing that often shows up when things get heated, is the difference in what is meant by a word or phrase in one country - and what it means in another. As an example of this, I would ask you to look back at Jacee's post that instigated the response from Hurdy - which he very gallantly apologised for later. When I read Jacee's post I thought the same or similar to what Hurdy posted - but he had beat me to it. Now I have no bones to grind with Jacee, but I did feel her comment was out of line - but then I think to myself - maybe she is a very forthright talker anyway - and what cost is it to me to let her have her say? Problem disappears! Biggest loss over time? The humour of the PIT - long gone! My old pal, the large green one, continues to do his bit for our funny bones - and does a grand job of it. But oh my, for the days of the long posts about how we fought Gator and took on the anti-spyware fight, the rallying of the troops and the outright humour but seriousness of it all was brilliant and doubtful ever to be repeated - truly a classic in its own right. Times when posters openly took on each other over their posts and kept a degree of civility about them and humour - whilst making darn serious comment - was ----great! The number of forums and sub forums - well that is to be understood to a degree. The PIT was so diverse and unwieldly at times it was difficult to keep track - but we all made the effort. If you lost the place - you simply put up a post asking someone for directions - and got them Combining some of the forums and subs again would not - to my mind - detract from what the PIT is and could be. Back then, I do not recall admins being too heavy handed. Posters were allowed to have their say - or rant at each other - only getting a warning when it really got out of hand (guilty ) but therin lies the art of discussion and the alchemy of facilitating via a forum. It is knowing when to allow things to go for a while and not taking the moral ground for all and always being the watchdog and coming over like a schoolmarm instead of an admin. Why do I keep coming to the PIT? Because sometimes there are little splashes of colour that remind me of what the PIT used to be like - and I really do see the PIT as a large family of people who gather together with a like minded interest and who want to help others or get help themselves. I think it would be sad if Hawk was to never post in here again - I for one enjoy what he has to say. beau
  6. Kylie - this is one of the most exciting (and frightening) times of your life and all will be fine. all the best. beau
  7. All the best to you and your man Kylie - great to see you posting again as well beau
  8. Aren't we all missing the point here? I very seldom post these days but I still read through what the rest of you have to say and - if there is one thing that stands out - it is simply this: DD has a strong attachment to the PIT and has shown that in many ways. Least of all being his (what I think is) genuine concern for where he sees the PIT going. Whether he is right or wrong about this is neither here nor there. What is important is that he cares about the PIT. DD may not be the most eloquent of communicators but he tells it as he sees it - and therefore should not be derided for that fact. What about this image we all have of the PIT as being one big family? Does that mean we reject those who don't always agree with us? Or say things we don't like to hear? C'mon folks, we have all been motivated sufficiently by the PIT to keep coming back here time and time again - as has DD - whatever happened to live and let live? I think that if DD feels we are losing members then that is okay. I don't see it as him taking a shot at the organisers or the owners - I hear his question for what it is. Maybe we should be collecting stats on how the membership flows and ebbs? Would it be that difficult to collate this information? If we can do so and present it as here is how we are doing this month, quarter or whatever - then it is factual - nothing more nothing less. And before folks jump on the bandwagon about stats only telling you what you want it to and how easily they can be manipulated - don't! All DD has asked for is "do the numbers add up to what he thinks they do?" Is it so wrong for a PIT member to ask that? In many respects, we seem to be condemning DD for showing an interest in how well the PIT is doing. I don't see that as us being very positive about ourselves. Perhaps we are all doing exactly what DD is hinting at? Are we in fact alienating posters to the PIT by the way we seem to view many posts as attacks rather than questions? beau
  9. Salo - the point I was trying to draw you to was about the above part of your post. I'm not really sure where you were going with it or coming from. Your comment implies that older folks had a miserable time in school and that from somewhere (?) you seem to have gained the impression it is all a load of crap - told to you by god knows who. My own schooling was pretty good but it didn't have all the great technology etc that schools nowadays seem to have - but we still managed to come out with certificates and a fairly good grounding to launch us on the life beyond school! Salo - there is no need for you to apologise at all - we are only having a discussion - I do not judge you in any way at all - nor do I make any assumptions about you - I was merely responding to what you wrote. However, I do respect and admire you for the offer Nah - I wasn't singling out young people. I was responding to the younger posters on here who quite likely with the best intention - were perhaps not helping Min to deal with this in a way that would necessarily help her young son or herself in this situation. One of the other posters pointed out the fact this boy has the rest of his schooling to go through and it wouldn't help to set off on the wrong foot by Mom burning the ears off the teacher. I never for one moment even considered your post as being malicious. As regards your own academic achievements - great! And well done to you for the work you put into achieving them. And there is the nub of both our posts - we do agree on this. I think the part where we are all diverging - is on the how it is dealt with and in what manner. Salo - hope this helps? beau
  10. Aw diddums - did someone say something to disagree with your thoughts? Come off it Salo and all the rest of you who are defending this angry parent and her childs problem with a teacher who tried - no in fact likely did - enforce a school rule. This isn't really about how the situation was handled is it - seems to be more about the note Min got. Schools over here normally do this if they think the item/s may cause a distraction in class. They even have the right to keep them to the end of the school year if they think it warrants it Because you have had some comments from us OLDER folks about how we were dealt with in school Salo, doesn't give you the right to poke fun at our experiences - in the same way that it doesn't give folks the right to poke fun at someone's spelling, for the simple reason that this site says we have to SHOW RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER! (Caps intended). You seem to forget that the education you so blithely take for granted is something far, far greater than many of us OLDER folks ever had a chance to get - but we didn't knock it - nor those trying to teach us - and we seem to have done pretty damn good out of it Respect - well we've seen a lot of it (NOT) from the younger ones posting in here and I think that sucks. You are all so busy ranting about the teacher's lack of respect and how much that is a bad example for the kid and so on. Believe me when I say that after nearly thirty years of working with difficult kids in a special school professionally as a social worker in secondary education (High school); the majority of those that managed to get on with their lives and have since become good, honest and respectable parents themselves, were the ones who listened and took on board the fact that teachers and ancillary staff were not in fact against them but were trying to help them move on with their lives and make the best of it. How did they do it? By really considering the respect they were being given as well as the responsibility to give more respect in return. Now for a first grade kid - that aint so easy Min; the world is still a strange place to them and the rules aren't always too clear to them either. But I'm sure of one thing - I don't think he will be tempted to take good stuff like his cards to school again. For yourself - I can understand the anger or annoyance that you feel by the way this teacher has dealt with the situation and the word "fairness" springs to mind. She dealt with it in its immediacy and I think the wording of her reply to your note was perhaps rushed - but hey - c'mon, you can't go getting all het up about everything like that - you'll be a nervous wreck by the time he is 16 I think you should make an appointment to see her sooner rather than later. Be calm when you do meet her and make this item the last thing on your agenda. You could broach the subject after finding out how your son is doing in class, by saying something like...."by the way, those card you confiscated from him earlier in the year, I thank you for that because it will remind him not to bring things like that to school again (you will have her on your side now). Then tell her -nicely- that whilst you appreciated that, you were wanting to check with her if she really meant the point about keeping them for good in future? If she says yes - then (nicely) tell her if that were to happen, then you would have to take the matter up with the principal because - in your opinion - that would be tantamount to theft - and you don't really think she would want it to all get out of hand like that - would she? I do hope sincerely, that you get a good ending out of this - boy oh boy, being a parent aint easy beau
  11. Kd5 - how's it going old friend? I should have included your famous "stop smoking" thread as well Your comments above - are in my opinion - no humble opinion. You have said so succinctly what the real problem here is. Perhaps we should attempt to raise the levels of what is acceptable and is not. It seems we have only a small few who are patrolling the PC borders and stamping their authority on all the others. Living in Britain, I constantly live in a society that smothers any free or radical thinkers under the guise of political correctness. And we are supposed to be one of the true democracies It is simply oppression by the back door if you ask me. We all mainly know what is acceptable and what is not. But then you get these haridans who decide that is not enough for them and they ramp up the level for everyone - because it gives them power - and others don't want to argue this because they will be told they are not politically correct and therefore need to undergo a treatement programme or better still give up their position to someone who is better than them? See the vicious circle we become enmeshed in? We need to have a set standard - and not one that someone can just up the ante on whenever they feel it should be. I really don't know if the mods and admins here have a working brief from Rob about what standards they must and should enforce, but I feel they may well be left to take direction from the loudest and scariest one in the group (and before anyone even thinks I'm talking about Volt - forget it - it aint him! I may not agree with some things he does - but he isn't the sacriest one here as far as I'm concerned!) Well there - I've had my rant! great to hear form ya again KD5 beau
  12. For me, it was when the anti-spyware thread really took off Perhaps I'm too much into reminiscing but I really felt we were all connecting then - the common cause I find the PIT is very different these days and there is very little humour here now - something which -in my opinion - was almost the foundation of the original PIT. I don't post often nowadays because I worry about saying something and it being taken the wrong way - as has happened in the past and ended up in me being banned. Thankfully, Volt intervened and decided in my favour. But it was something that should never have gotten to that stage in the first place - the problem was more to do with someone else's tetchiness than anything I had written. However, life moves on and we all hope we learn and understand things a little better each day. I still come here to read and see what is happening and to keep up with what you are all doing or talking about and to see if Hulk or Bear are posting any jokes - even those are very moderate now! Old habits die hard beau
  13. hftm - I agree with your thoughts on this - perhaps a better way to deal with it would be to have a warning signal for posters? This would perhaps preclude admin/mods getting into a war of words with a poster? At the end of the day, I still feel that admin/mods need to be able to stay aloof from bandying personal (regardless of how much many of might agree) personal comments at posters. That only brings down the overall respect for them. beau.
  14. somebody burn my fingers - please! Seems to me that a place I once thought was brilliant - has lost a lot of its sheen. From where I sit over the pond, RESPECT seems to hav e been thrown out by many people here - old and new. At one time someone could post on almost anything; others would throw in their ten cents worth and there would be some shouting and disagreement - but nobody took their ball and went home for longer than a day or two. Now we seem to have more and more - coming down really quite hard on some folks and direct statements of like or dislike being bandied about by posters and admins/mods. RESPECT is not given or even in some statements allowed by some folks - they allow personal thoughts/feelings to cloud their judgement and statements - from all sides. Now it is more about taking stances and seeing just how much we can pee each other off. Somedays, we would be as well to bring a ruler with us to see who measures up the best. C'mon folks, this has gotten all out of hand and become a series of personal vendettas - either by posters or admins/mods. Even going back in this thread - never mind some of the threads over the past months - re-read some of the comments and see if there is any respect there? Like it or not, posters do not own the site. We are able to come here and have our say - within moderation - and we are subject to sanctioning by the admin/mods. However, ther is the other side of the coin and that is we have to be sanctioned in a fair and thoughtful manner by those in a position to do so. Being an admin/mod does not give anyone the right to openly savage a person or verbally abuse them without impunity - regardless of what a poster may have said previously. I think that admin/mods need to have a more global view of their position and the powers vested in them and overall - the health and welfare of the site they work for. It is of no use to any one or the longer term prospects of the site, if the admins/mods get sucked into bandying personal comments about, with or against the posters who ultimately - are the foundation of the site. You are meant to be level-headed, cool as cucumber and have the ability to deal with difficult posters - without getting down to the level of a street slanging match. Once into a slanging match, you rapidly begin to lose the respect of those you are meant to be admin/moderators for. Posters as well - don't try and kid yourselves that the blame only lies with the admins/mods. Many folks who post here just wait full of hope to go mod/admin bashing - for whatever reason. My advice is - DON'T! It may lead to the eventual demise of something that has overall - been good to most of us at one time or another. The site has lost a good number of posters over the years - many of whom in my opinion should not have been given their marching orders and some who deserved all they got. Would'nt it be nice if those who didn't deserve it got back in again - if they would even consider coming back! If it was within my power to grant them this - would do so - on the premise that everyone of them started back again on a clean slate - but under caution - just in case. Having said that, I don't know what ultimately led to their demise so maybe I'm just blowin hot air outta my - just like a few others do. Am I just getting old and sentimental? A proud Scot called beau
  15. Wigan - don't go straight for the complex ones - leave those to the experts around here. Take your time and learn the basic mistakes first because, so often the complex problems are caused by these basic errors Even I can help out sometimes by sticking to that advice beau
  16. Jackpot wouild I be right in saying you have your own Internet service provider? If so, then I think what you need to do is connect to that with your new pc first - and then connect through to MSN once you have re-established the link with your ISP. beau
  17. good one Wigan and thanks for it Had a feeling it was coming up to this over the last week. As Dave says - it has happened before. Ah well - better go and brush up on the virus features again and see if I can help somebody cheers beau.
  18. but what has happened to the GD one? beau
  19. Drover - can you or somebody else please tell me what this thread is all about?
  20. Wow AMD ....what a thread you have running here man! I understand your angst. In the end, only you can decide. Now you will have people from all walks of life trying to tell you what you need to do to regain or totally lose faith. (note I did not specify which faith?) When it comes down to it - each to their own - but, you decide - not others. Recently, a very intelligent and funny British comedian died. His name was Dave Allen, Irish by birth and a journalist by profession. he turned to humour to earn his living in his late twenties early thirties, and was very sucessful at it. At the end of each of his shows, he used to say something along these lines: "goodnight and goodbye, may your God be with you and bless you always". What a nice comment and observation on the human race. No finger pointing or ignoring because of faith, rather an acceptance that was all encompassing of the many varied and differing religous beliefs that are around. The man had compassion in bucketfuls and perhaps, that is what many of our religions - for all their indoctrines about it - deny to those who follow one different from their own? Instead, they offer platitudes as to the why and wherefore of actions taken outwith their brand of religion. To have and to follow a religion is truly a wonderful thing, it gives many reason, purpose and direction in their lives and no one should knock that. However, if you don't follow one, then chances are you can - and often will be excluded or even feel that you are being so by those who do. This in many ways is where people grow within themselves and become a stronger person. They find who and what they are; they begin to develop their own views and opinions outwith or alongside doctrines of faith. They can become more self confident and self reliant - or not. There are many factors here and it comes down to the individual and how they cope. Never lose sight of this though, religions - are the biggest guilt trip inducing factors that humanity has ever had evolving alongside it. AMD... be your own person; be kind, courteous, humble, brave and effective as you can be, fear evil but do not respect it, but most of all - do not allow this question in your life to hinder you from being all that you can. I raise my hat to you and hope that your life is a happy, healthy and prosperous one - regardless of your religion. beau
  21. Ax - yeah anyone heard from Ax recently????
  22. SK8 - here is a site that might help you realise hat all these folks are saying about you NOT being overweight http://www.halls.md/ideal-weight/body.htm just enter the basic details and hit the calculate button. Bruce, a stone is an old imperial weight. It is equal to 14 pounds. So id you weigh in at 145 pounds, divide it by 14 and you have your weight in stones and the rest is in pounds: 10 stone 3and a half pounds Wish that was all I weighed but - at 6 ft 2 inches - I'll just dream on.
  23. Quote (April 20th, 2005, 01:05 PM) Well with that in mind any of you ever really listened to Willie Nelsons' ability on the guitar? Singing can be a bit dismal but the fretwork is usually really good
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