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  1. Hi Tx.- Yes a long time indeed. Very sad to hear of losing folks from the site. All those years ago when I first joined it was a busy busy place and Gator was public enemy number 1. Now there are multi threats to us all on line that security becomes like that at Fort Knox or the Bank of England. All good stuff though and its good to be back. Doubt if I'm any wiser than I was previously but I enjoy the chats.. Of to have a look and see who is still around then. Beau
  2. Hello. Just recently came back to the Pit and was really rattled to hear about YKs demise. He was a good friend to me over the years with help and tips on getting the best out of my computer and my involvement in the forums. So sad to hear about this and can only send my condolences and best wishes to the family. Sad regrets. beau.
  3. All done Dickster Hope all are doing well here - been a while again since I last stopped in. Beau
  4. Way to go BJ Congratulations and good luck. Beau
  5. The PIT is different now from what it used to be - I was a member before 2003 but lost my post count etc when the site went bottoms up and we all had to re-register. Over the years I doubt if I have contributed much to helping others fix their computers on anything other than the bare basics - but I've added my twopennyworth. What exactly has changed? Hmmmm - lots of things! The people who are now admins etc are a different breed from the originals or they have evolved into something different from what they were. Has that been through choice or because they felt the newer admins wer
  6. Kylie - this is one of the most exciting (and frightening) times of your life and all will be fine. all the best. beau
  7. All the best to you and your man Kylie - great to see you posting again as well beau
  8. Aren't we all missing the point here? I very seldom post these days but I still read through what the rest of you have to say and - if there is one thing that stands out - it is simply this: DD has a strong attachment to the PIT and has shown that in many ways. Least of all being his (what I think is) genuine concern for where he sees the PIT going. Whether he is right or wrong about this is neither here nor there. What is important is that he cares about the PIT. DD may not be the most eloquent of communicators but he tells it as he sees it - and therefore should not be derided for
  9. Salo - the point I was trying to draw you to was about the above part of your post. I'm not really sure where you were going with it or coming from. Your comment implies that older folks had a miserable time in school and that from somewhere (?) you seem to have gained the impression it is all a load of crap - told to you by god knows who. My own schooling was pretty good but it didn't have all the great technology etc that schools nowadays seem to have - but we still managed to come out with certificates and a fairly good grounding to launch us on the life beyond school! Salo - t
  10. Aw diddums - did someone say something to disagree with your thoughts? Come off it Salo and all the rest of you who are defending this angry parent and her childs problem with a teacher who tried - no in fact likely did - enforce a school rule. This isn't really about how the situation was handled is it - seems to be more about the note Min got. Schools over here normally do this if they think the item/s may cause a distraction in class. They even have the right to keep them to the end of the school year if they think it warrants it Because you have had some comments from us OLDE
  11. Kd5 - how's it going old friend? I should have included your famous "stop smoking" thread as well Your comments above - are in my opinion - no humble opinion. You have said so succinctly what the real problem here is. Perhaps we should attempt to raise the levels of what is acceptable and is not. It seems we have only a small few who are patrolling the PC borders and stamping their authority on all the others. Living in Britain, I constantly live in a society that smothers any free or radical thinkers under the guise of political correctness. And we are supposed to be one of t
  12. For me, it was when the anti-spyware thread really took off Perhaps I'm too much into reminiscing but I really felt we were all connecting then - the common cause I find the PIT is very different these days and there is very little humour here now - something which -in my opinion - was almost the foundation of the original PIT. I don't post often nowadays because I worry about saying something and it being taken the wrong way - as has happened in the past and ended up in me being banned. Thankfully, Volt intervened and decided in my favour. But it was something that should
  13. hftm - I agree with your thoughts on this - perhaps a better way to deal with it would be to have a warning signal for posters? This would perhaps preclude admin/mods getting into a war of words with a poster? At the end of the day, I still feel that admin/mods need to be able to stay aloof from bandying personal (regardless of how much many of might agree) personal comments at posters. That only brings down the overall respect for them. beau.
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