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  1. It says DESKTOP for computer name. I thought that might be the problem too. If you guys want to take a break on this I'll spend a couple of days playing around and try to at least come up with a little more info that may be helpful. Thank you guys very much for trying. I won't be surprised if this turns out to be me not following directions properly.
  2. On the Desktop in My Computer there is a hand under the C drive. But when I go to my Laptop and select run \\Desktop its not there. I tried to browse for it and its not there. I think I did the same for both computers but for some reason I still can't see the Desktop. Thanks
  3. If your talking about right clicking on the C drive on the computer I'm trying to access (Desktop) and selecting "sharing and security" when I do this is doesn't ask me if "I understand the risk" it has already been set to share with other network users. It won't let me change anything in local sharing it has the message " to share this folder with other users of this computer only, drag it to the Shared Documents folder. I must be missing something here.
  4. I changed the share settings on C drives for my Laptop and Desktop. I went to the Desktop and mapped the C drive to my Laptop. I went to the Laptop and tried to map the C drive to my Desktop and I don't see the folder for the Desktop. When I click on show network computers it denies me access. The laptop being able to access the desktop is really what I'm the most interested in but i thought they would be able to access each other. Anyway I'm getting closer. Thanks
  5. Hello to you to flav, windows xp on both machines
  6. I just ran the setup wizard for a home network. I open windows explorer to try and access the other computer and I get a "can't find the computer on network" "you may need to contact syst admin" but I'm on my admin account. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
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