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  1. Sorry Ax but I was only responding to the first message of this thread about the forum being closed downed and what I thought about that message. I could really care less about what other people think about you me or anyone else in that matter. Let them say their crap then let it go....Its their opinion..as far as sweeping things under the rug, I could care less...hell if its a protestor I would be more than happy to help with the sweeping.. Let it go..... Breath in... Breath out.. Breath in... Breath out.. Breath in... Breath out..
  2. After this post Ive not about to get involved. Like I said before there needs to be a admin only forum here so admins can discuss things. In my opinion this whole thread needs to be deleted because this is a admin issue.
  3. Ax, incase you didnt read my post it said Quote " I have only read the first message of of thread" . If you dont know what the first post of this thread was the very first sentance of that post was quote " It has come to my attention that this board is under scrutiny from the Admins. In regular terms, they are thinking of getting rid of it." UnquoteNow, either one or two things have happened here..... 1. Either the originator of this post doesnt know what he/she is talking about or 2. that the originator of this post knows a admin here and they have been discussing this issue privately. I will not even guess on either of the two. My suggestion on what to do is this. Add a few more admins for this forum only. (People that visit here everyday) Add people that in their recent post have been calm ,cool and level headed. Also maybe try adding a whole new forum for admins only, so admins can discuss if there is a problem poster and what to do about him/her. You might also consider the 1, 2, 3 strike your out rule. .Although the strike out rules would be really hard to explain and set in stone...
  4. I have only read the first message of of thread and I must say its a ridiculous idea to get rid of this forum and I dont think it would be in the best interest of the owner/owners of the pcpitstop to get rid of this forum. For one the hits on this site would decrease dramatically. I for one come here to find the lastest jokes, patriotism, etc..and if this forum disappeared I for one would not visit this site EVERYDAY like I have been for several months now. (hence the decreased hits on this site) I think it would be a terrible mistake for this forum to disappear. Not only for the pcpitstop owners but for all pcpitstop members. But hey if you want to get rid of the forum go for it. Its money lost to you by people like me that click you links everyday.
  5. Austin, Tx. Also known as the center of the universe
  6. Dang it!..I knew it would be small but didnt know it would be that small... And I was wanting it for something other than a avatar... Thanks for your help!
  7. Ok...the link doesnt work but what I want resized is the avatar that you see on the left..litle smileys with the flag..
  8. How can I resize this? I need it to be 20 ppi or less. If someone can resize it then post it or email it to me I would be very grateful! Ive seen it on a few post but dont know what the command is for it so I uploaded it.. http://www.geocities.com/whtknight30/usa.gif
  9. Try getting rid of MSN and getting a real ISP
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