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  1. This happened to me also. I put in a ticket with PCPitstop. Heard nothing back. 100's of dollars in my 10 seat evergreen license, and no response (NOTE: PCMatic support did respond to me. Somewhere between them clicking send and Comcast, I just did not get the email. It looks like I had my spam settings wrong. Sorry support!) Malwarebytes has a problem with PCMatic. PCMatic should have posted a solution to stop MB from removing the software. Instead, they retaliated resulting in the users being collateral damage. I emailed Malwarebytes. I have 3 paid licenses for personal use an
  2. RAH, Please take care of yourself. Your value to the team (folding or not) is immeasurable! The information you have provided in the past has always been important to one or more of us (ME!!!!). As for me, I may not be back folding for a long time. The University I work for is seriously going "green" and computers contribute a lot to the overall electrical cost on campus. My home is all electric and I'm up to $300.00 a month in BGE bills and need to personally cut back a bit. (That or give up pizza, and I'm sorry, but I have priorities! haha!!) I've always had fun popp
  3. Wow...Major Tom is just about right... Still here, still too busy to work on this. We have 2 new employees at work and now I'm not feeling well (a cold or something). I promise I'll get to it as soon as I can.
  4. It wasn't running when I got up this morning. I'll take a look at it later if I have the time.
  5. I managed to get the mpich SMP client running as a service on my home computer. It hasn't done a frame yet, so wish me luck. At least I can get off the inactive list for a while (hopefully).
  6. Honestly? If I had seen the transitional 5.91 client that expired in November, I would have just switched them all over and taken care of my issues in 3 months. The past week or so I had a lot of procs DOA'ing because of a network glitch. RAH pointed me to a loopback adapter thing that may have worked, but I just never had time to test it in my environment. I have to be able to run the SMP client as a service to keep things going in my office atmosphere, and I spent a ton of time setting that up. The new client (even the easy one) resulted in a ton of work to switch over (Another t
  7. Thanks RAH. I did try the top one and will give the bottom one a shot over the weekend. There was some huge network glitch here at work so I have a LOT of procs not folding right now resulting in a large decrease until I can get to them. If 5.91 expires as scheduled, I'm going to be down for a bit over the weekend. Thanks again
  8. I see the 5.91/5.92 SMP clients expire on the 2nd, so I downloaded the 6.22 beta2 SMP client (the only one available now). I thought the instructions seemed easy enough, but apparently I'm too dumb to live. I can't get it running on my home computer. If anyone has tried this client and can give us a crash course on its installation, that would be great! Otherwise, I may be taking a forced vacation until I figure it all out. Thanks in advance!
  9. Nice start adam22, and welcome to the team! TEK (and others) says the PS3 points can accumulate fast depending on how many hours a day you fold. http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/use...s=&u=362090
  10. It seems that most of my problems have gone away with the addition of a line or 2 in my logon scripts. So I go on vacation last Wednesday, get home and my wife's 5 year old computer is basically not working. She wanted to get online and I didn't want to work on it so I bought her a new one. HP with 6 gigs of ram, a Q6700, and a hard drive that will never see 10% full. It has Vista 64 bit Home Premium on it and I plan on getting that to fold soon. So I get back to work. I have a 6 year old Dell that just couldn't take it anymore so I trashed it. Then one of the small form factor De
  11. Can someone refresh my memory on something? Does folding stop when a computer goes into standby? I just stumbled across an issue that is irritating, but I'm not sure it is the cause of my SMP clients stalling at 9:30 at night. For some reason, all of my computers have had their "standby" time reset from never to 15 minutes. All other power settings were also changed. My only guess is a recent Windows update reset my power options. When I set the computers up, I set the power options and they would apply to all the users (or the default settings were what I wanted to begin
  12. Thanks RAH. It may take me a few days to test it. Most of my machines were down and I turned off the folding on them. I'm tired and frustrated both with the folding glitches and a busted water pipe in the office that trashed a lot of equipment (Not the same as the server mess.....a new broken pipe that took out 5 offices). I'm going to be down for a while.
  13. Work computers. I could, but it is frowned upon. Any other ideas?
  14. I am having major issues with the SMP client just "stopping" for no reason. One common denominator is it stops at around 1:30 in the morning. I assume it has something to do with work, like IP renewals, but I don't know. Windows updates, virus scans, and Windows Defender scans have never interfered with folding in the past, so I don't think they are the issue. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to pass them along. I just don't have the time to check the clients every day, so I may have to turn off the problem ones and go from there.
  15. The Chimp Challenge is almost over!!!! I got the first dual quad core folding around 1 pm ET. Picked up 2 3064's and have them on my name here at the pit. I'll post some estimated ppd in an hour or so once I see the frame times. I would like to thank those that joined the Chimp Challenge and can tell you the Pit got some nice comments from the folks at the Maximum PC forum. I should be posting points here again very soon. Quick Update: OK, the server has 2 instances of the SMP client on it. Both instances are averaging 9 minutes per frame. So on project 3064, the
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