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  1. It's been a long time since I have been here but I need help again please. 'Some' images are suddenly not showing up on pages, but some do. I have no idea what to do. Also, around the same time as the image problem, when I click on a link, or try to close a window, use the scroll bars , etc. it often doesn't work - seems to freeze for a while. Any help with these issues is much appreciated.
  2. I've been trying and trying and trying to do this and just can't seem to get it right. My computer is a bit different than the steps in the link you gave me. I can get the computer to connect by going through the steps but in a different way....I eventually found all the steps listed in the link....but then when I shut it off and start it again and try to connect...it still won't connect. Obviously I'm just not doing something right. Where do I find that "Automatically connect" you mentioned? I should find it anc check it while I am connected, correct?
  3. Well, I am obviously doing something wrong.... The steps in that link you gave me are not exactly the way my computer looks, but I finally did manage to figure out how to find all the steps and went through the process...and it worked. The computer connected fine. But, then when I went to start the computer up again, it wouldn't connect. It was exactly like it was before, even all those network connections that I had removed were showing up in the list again. I don't know what is wrong......
  4. Hello, thank you for being patient. health issues are a problem for me at times. When I click that icon, my wireless network does not show up. No networks show up. Just a message about using WCZ or something like that. I have no idea what that is.
  5. If the green bar is a light green and only 2/3 of the way across the bar box, does that mean it is a good signal? Or should it be a dark green and fill the bar box? I've been trying to connect by clicling on the wireless bars icon, but it never connects. It just tells me " This network is already configured. A profile to this network already exists. Click Back to create a profile to a different network or click Next to replace the existing profile". I don't know which to do.
  6. Well.....I have no clue why or how, but the 2 desktops computers with the wall adapters are working again. They are connecting just fine. But, i still don't know how to get the laptop to work with wifi again. I did the restore point thing and restored it to a much earlier setting but it still won't connect. And I have no idea how to set up a computer or a laptop to connect to the internet. Question......when I look at my connection in the list of connections in the area, the green bar thing is a pale green and only goes about 2/3 across the bar. Is that normal? Or should it be a dark green and cover the whole bar box? Just curious.
  7. I'm sorry, I should have looked at the laptop first. It has XP, not 7. I guess what we have is a wired connection then. My computer is the main one. It has the modem and the 'power box'(not sure what it is called) for the wall adapters....it plugs into my computer and a wall socket. Then we have a wall adapter plugged into my husband's computer and a wall socket. And we have another wall adapter plugged into the spare computer and a wall socket. They are all in different rooms. They all worked just find this way, until the other day when the spare computer and my husband's computer would no longer connect to the internet. The laptop did still connect, but doens't now because I must have messed something up. I have done the unplugging of the router several times but it didn't change anything. I will try it again though. If it doesn't fix the laptop, what can I do next?
  8. I apologize for not replying quickly. I am indeed an old lady and have numerous health problems that interrupt my days so please be patient and don't give up on me.. :-) I tried doing as suggested (Go to Start> Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center> Change Adapter Settings (on the left). Click on your Wireless Adapter, then above it, click on: Disable this Network Device) but those steps are not available on this old laptop. When I got to Network and Sharing Center, there was nothing anywhere that said Change Adapter Settings. I have no idea how to find the 'Wireless adapter' on the laptop. In fact, it won't conect to the internet at all now. I must have messed something up when clicking around. And I have no idea how to set up a wireless connection (or even a reglar connection) on any computer, not just the laptop. What is a 'Network name'???? Are the wall adapters considered 'wireless' connections or regular connections? What should I do now?
  9. I looked all over the laptop and there is no switch. I don't even see a wifi light. There is a light on it that I think is a power light because it is on and blinking when I plug the charger into it. And to the left of that light it looks like what might be two other lights but they are never lit up and I have no clue what they are for because the symbols next to them are too small to be able to tell what they are. It is an old Dell running Windows XP Professional. What do I do now? If the wall adapters were the problem, wouldn't the lights be off or blinking or 'not reen'? The lights are all a solid green, just lke they have always been.
  10. Hello, it's been a while since I've had to come for help, but now I need help again (my old username here was 'anoldlady'). I hope I can explain my situation so it isn't too confusing.... We have 4 computers in our home --- 3 desktops and a laptop. Suddenly 2 of the desktops won't connect but the other desktop and the laptop still connect just fine and work fine. My computer is a Dell desk top with Windows 7. My husband's computer is a Dell desktop with Windows XP. The spare computer is a desktop with Windows 7 (not sure of brand). Laptop has Windows 7 and connects through Wi-Fi (I think it is also a Dell but not sure). They all connected and worked just fine until 2 days ago. My husband's desktop and the spare desktop suddenly will no longer connect. My computer and the laptop still work just fine. My desktop is the main computer, the one with the modem/router and adaptor box. My husband's desktop and the spare desktop connect with wall adaptors (Trendnet 200Mbps Compact Powerline AV Adapters). I don't know much about fixing computers. I have run virus scans on the 2 computers that won't connect and deleted anything the scans found (I don't remember if anything was found or not, sorry.) The spare computer has a paid version of McAfee and I also downloaded and ran MBAM and Eset. I ran MBAM and Eset on my husband's desktop. I have tried unplugging the wall adapters, the modem, etc. , waiting and plugging them back in but that makes no difference. I've done it seveal times. All liights on the modem and wall adapters are green and seem fine. On the spare desktop, I suddenly started having some windows pop up saying that Media Player wanted access (I have it set so that I have to approve things that want access). They were a pain because they were popping up frequently so I Uninstalled Media Player. I'm at a loss. No idea what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  11. Everthing seems fine now! THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!! Your time and knowledge are SINCERELY appreciated, by me, and I'm sure by all the others you help. Thank you.
  12. yes, i did reboot after doing the cf uninstall. cf didn't do it, but since you mentioned that cf would do it, i figured i should do it anyway, so i did.
  13. I did the combofix uninstall, the defogger, and the otc. What about removing the hjt folder? ...and the second IE that one of the things put on my computer (you had mentioned it would be gone after we were done). I assume it is ok to delete all the log text files that were saved to my desktop??
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