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  1. You can't end that age old debate of which is faster cause your results are completely linear. Your specific hardware, your specific tests..etc. The resulsts must be repeatable on any hardware,driver,application configuration. Then you have the problem of tests vs peoples general usage, which the latter will form their opinion, Thats why the debate of OS vs OS will always exist. In my previous post, thats why i said to test the OS on the slowest hardware configuration you can, Not only does it show with obvious certaintity which OS is more efficient counting its functionalities, The perf
  2. install w7 on an old Pentium 2 machine or even a netbook and the performance difference is more than obvious. w7 is way more efficient without losing function. On higher end computers, its completely moot experience cause as long as you have enough hardware resources for the OS and anything else, they wont interfere and fight for resources, therefore performance is not very noticable except only a few benchmark numbers which never mean squat anyway.
  3. on my 100mi server test, i get 21.88 mps /3.05 up and paying for 6meg connection. so definitly looks like something is slowing you down. torrents definitly get throttled, i tested by downloading my own file from my pc directly and again using a torrent, torrent was way slower. as it should be cause otherwise anyone connected to your node would drag you and all others speed way down. torrents are powerful bandwidth hogs also with torrents, you do of course have to allow full upload speeds or you will get only a few kbs no matter what. the point is sharing and its created like that on pur
  4. I can sympathize with the OP, just from my few posts and reading other posts, i already have one user on ignore due to every post i read by that person seemed ego driven sarcasism and a couple more with the "i'm smarter than thou attitude" i've been meaning to add to that list. kinda sad really, it does seem to bring the whole forum down and is why i joined and focused more on a couple other forums instead I like the main site, its informative, smart and has tests, so its assumed, at least i assumed, that the forum would reflect that
  5. thanks marcynt, it turned out i repeadetly hitting the wrong key when typing, small kb. Almost done, thankfully i found people who gave me alot of step instructions and apps,not sure why anyone here said it was so hard. however one issue i got is i cant get the intro loading screen working. Does anyone here know how to add my image manually. like where do i put it, what needs changed? I already tried in both livehelper and reconstructor with the changed assumptions for debian, but for some reason when i compile it, it wont show it correctly, so i want try to add it manually and then i can
  6. uhm, well i was aware of that info but thanks for the advice, but that didnt answer my last question, err, well i have yet to get one answered here but nevermind that one, i got most everything i want except latest video driver, however i have a new one i cant seem to get past. debian minimal mind you. i run sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst so i can edit grub but it asks for my password, i type it in but nothing appears to be typed in the terminal. it then says f1refly is not in the sudoers file. this incident will be reported. so i assume its saying my password is wrong? but its not. i t
  7. for now i settle on Debian minimal, should be faster than xp after everythings i need installed i hope. i installed xfce but may lxde later. but for now i'm having trouble with obtaining and configuring GMA 950 driver. once i get the drivers down i think i can handle the packages i need less theres some i dont know i need for what i'm using it for like i dont know yet if i'll need any power management stuff but i want to get the video driver out of the way first. then i'll put in opengl. any recommends on the step to take after that?
  8. Thats why i asked for instructions on doing each part i asked about. you know like, install this, then sudo apt-get gnome whatever, then do this to change bootup screen, this to change wallpaper, etc. I wouldnt mind easypeasy but you would have to explain how to remove all the apps and especially that horrid name at the top among other things. i'm looking into Debian etch or whatever its called, suppose to be barebones and i can then put XFCE desktop to get me started, i can get apps on it myself but few of the other things i'd need would require step by step instructions. if you dont
  9. but is it fast and lightweight? i read about debian minimal and i could then sudoapt whatever i want into it i'd rather start a bit bare bones with something fast and add what i need from there. but however i will try out easypeasy in virtualbox, though thats the silliest name i've heard yet so far i'm not too enthused seeing how it has office and all that junk. So if i keep it i hope someone will tell me how to remove all that and make it into an installable iso so i can reinstall it easily if i need to. with a name like this, i wouldnt care how many files i had to go through to renam
  10. Specs: MSI Wind U100 Atom n270 1.6ghz cpu 2 gigs ram intel gma950 10" touchscreen with built in webcam. After some thought, i'm a bit stale on XP anyway and i give up fixing my standbye issue on it. I know how to customize it well to my liking but would prefer something faster, so i'm considering Linux. So anyway, I hope you guys are up for a challenge, that is ability to give a noob some step by steps to create my own personalized distro, rather than links to long boring reads, i know theres alot to it but i'd rather have it setup how i want it first before i learn deepe
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