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  1. An alternate approach. Do a simple command from biterscripting ( http://www.biterscripting.com ) or another scripting language. Some useful commands List everything in folder, including hidden and other files that explorer won't show you lf -n List everything recursively lf -rn List all attributes (sizes, times, etc.) lf List names that match a pattern lf -n "*.txt" List all folders and subfolders (no flat files) lf -rn "*" "C:\somefolder" ($ftype=="d") List everything modified on or after May 1, 2009. lf -rn "*" "C:\somefolder" ($fmtime > "20090501") etc. See the on line documentation for the lf/find command on their web site. You can put these and other commands in a script and execute in interactive, console, batch, from task scheduler, as part of a web server, etc. Patrick
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