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  1. it starts in safe mode no problem, but theres only so much i can do in safe mode, ill do what u soggest......Thanx
  2. Its not the PC listed as my signature, thats my gamer machine
  3. Yep, i was able to update to service pack 2, but it keeps freezing.
  4. *UPDATE* PC boots up, into Windows then freezes. How can i get it to start in safe mode?
  5. Everything that came with that PC is on the Hard drive already Windows XP. Ya i kinda agree about the vid card myself, but thats where it locks up when i try to boot in safe mode. Guyz remember, my first doing this. I recently put a new CPU in this PC wasnt to hard, but i made my mistakes and now it screams!
  6. the beeps are gone, it freezes when it gets to the agp440, i have another card i could put in, but wilkl it recognize it? could it be that the card isnt in the slot perfectly? or even dirty? Im not gonna try tonite, but maybe ill try that tomorow. Im just so close to havin it done.
  7. anybody? lol cmon im so close to gettin this stupid computer done and sold. Below is my current gaming PC, ive modified it alot since i got it, processor, RAM, PSU, and fans
  8. ok, ive gotten to the poitn where i can select what mode i want boot, safe, safe w/network, etc. Normal mode freezes. Safe Mode gives me an error multi(0)disk(0)partition(1)\WINNT\System32\DRIVERS\agp440.sys Now i know thats the vif card driver, how can i get this driver on here without getting to windows? Thanx for all your help by the way
  9. The BIOS are for this PC, thats what i dont get. ill check into it again. what do the 3 beeps mean tho?
  10. The hard drive on my old gateway fried, bought a new one, put the new one in my other gateway and installed everything necesary (MSDOS, Windows). When I power up, PC beeps 3 times and doesnt try and boot, what could be causing this?
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